New Microsoft Surface Pro 4 ad compares the tablet to the wrong Apple product

The latest Microsoft Surface Pro 4 ad starting running last week. The 30-second spot compares the Surface Pro 4 with a Type Cover, to the 13.3-inch Apple Mac Book Air. Considering that the ad specifically notes how the Surface Pro 4 has a removable QWERTY and a stylus, and the Mac Book Air doesn't, we wonder if Microsoft has purposely aimed its high end slate against the wrong Apple product...
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So you're saying since the surface beats the hardware features of a 2500 dollar device it should be compared to a 600 dollar device, in a different market segment, with reduced productivity? Can you just admit how ridiculous that sounds?

27. Subie

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Well for one thing on the hardware front they both offer Intel processors. Anyway this guy for one thought it was a better comparison:

28. LetsBeHonest

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The whole article sounds like a comment from an Apple fan criticizing.... "You're comment would be true if we were talking about software. But the ad is talking about hardware. You wouldn't expect a laptop to have a removable QWERTY or a touch screen or a stylus. So why even mention these?" That's not the point. Microsoft is trying to say its about time laptop should transform in to a tablet form but do everything a laptop usually can... And surface pro do that already. With everything you wouldn't expect to come built in. Give credit where its due...

43. ibend

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yeah right... even if the video comparing surface pro with iPad pro, and boasting about what it can do as desktop OS, running full-fledged movie editor, photoshop, lightroom, corel, any kind of 3d CAD... writer will still say that it compares to "wrong product", and suggest that they should compare it to macbook for that, lol...

47. FBIsurveilance

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Good God, Sir! You're an author. How come on the verge of your rage you mistyped "your" with "you're" ?

54. TechieXP1969

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Really? Alan? Well as a matter of fact, theer are hybrid laptops with totally removble keyboards. Question Alan? What exactly is a tablet? It is a screen sans the keyboard and all the interals were simply placed inside the same body of the screen, instead of the keyboard. The tablet is asimply a progressive step ste out by the laptop. What makes the Surface a better option is its hardware. First it is a tablet. When you need it to be a laptop, you add the keyboard. But I agree those aren't what ,akes the SP$ better. However you are comparing hardware to hardware and you seem to have a hard time swallowing the fact the SP4 is better hardware than the Mac Air. How? Simple! As the commercial shows, the SP4 has a touch display. In fact MANY LAPTOPS HAVE A TOUCH DISPLAY. As much as the Mac air csost or any Mac for that matter, how is it it doesn't have a touchscreen? After all, some of the biggest users of Mac hardware are educational facilities. Right? So why is it, kids you use the Mac don't have a touch input? No they have to spend extra money and get an iPad and hook it to the mac so Apple can get more sales,vs just having it ALL-In-One. Even with a pen and keyboard the iPad can't do what a PC can. Mobile versions of office, don't hold a candle to the desktop versions. I can use the pen on 100% of all apps on the Surface. You can't use it on every app on the iPad pro. The fact is Alan, the SP$ is both a laptop and a tablet and unlike what you boyfriend Tim Cook said about it. It is good at both being a tablet and laptop and I'm enjoying mine

6. vliang86

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PA articles are meant to create flame wars between fan boys.

7. govind_dheda

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15. TheCrews

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I like Ipad better than any other tablets

35. jellmoo

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Why... Why wouldn't they make the comparison? It's not about looking at a feature checklist, it's about sales. For everyone thinking about buying a MacBook, they want then to consider a Surface Book. Do you honestly think that this comparison does not happen amongst consumers?

37. shahinctg123

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this is so called dedicated iAlan iF !!!! ;)

39. skymitch89

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The Surface Pro 4 is more of an ultrabook that's built like a tablet than it is just a tablet, so it only makes sense that Microsoft would aim new ads toward Apple's ultrabook. I'm not sure if the Surface Pro 4 is in fact faster than the MacBook Air, but I know that it is fast. My work got me one a few months ago and it has been great so far. If I had the money, I wouldn't think twice about personally getting one.

55. TechieXP1969

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i3/i5/i7 is hardly ultra-book hardware. The Surface some with M3/i5/i7. The Mac Air comes with at least open of those. The iPad comes with none of those. How exactly does the SP4 compare to the iPad pro. In fact when you consider "pro" from Alan's claim of a hardware standpoint, you have to look at all the hardware. A device with X86 hardware is certainly "pro". There is nothing "pro" about ARM hardware. I don't care who logo is on it. As much as I loved my Note Pro and my iPad Air 2 at the time, I wasted no time selling them both and taking the money and getting the SP4. We have a desktop at home. Me and wife have stopped using it after getting the SP4. The kid uses the desktop now. The Mac Air was garbage when it first came out and still is. I'd rather have an iPad over the Air.

41. Fona13A unregistered

It may be the "wrong product" comparison but it's true in pretty much every way.

42. Obádárà

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Alan F.......please do some research because your articles are 99% crap! It's a waste PA a waste i say!

49. medicci37

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So many ms fanboys on this site WoW

51. TechieXP1969

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No it doesn't PA. You're just stupid.The Surface is a full Windows PC in a tablet shell. It is everything the Mac is and more and everything it isn't. The Surface depending on configuration compete against any laptop that isn't a gaming one. In that case the Surface Book can to some degree. PA on its stupid pill addiction again. I don't understand how an idiot can get paid for writing this useless, biased garbage.

52. TechieXP1969

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Alan F you're stupid. However exactly does the SP$ compete against the iPAd. The Surface is a full computer running on Intel hardware. Is theer Intel hardware inside the iPad? NO! Does have a keyboard make the iPad any more useful vs the SP4? NO! Does the ipad have USB ports? Expandable storage? No! Can you use a mouse with the iPad? No! So how the hell you think the SP$ compares to an iPad?! We know you hate Microsoft with a passion. But this article shows you're an idiot. I don't care how entitled you are to an opinion, it doesn't make your opinion any less stupid and ridiculous. X86 vs ARM. No comparison. A full desktop OS shoved into a tablet vs a tablet running a smartphone OS. How does that compare? If stupidity is a dish best serve cold, then put on your Sunday finest because haters and idiots will sure feast.

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