New Love To Talk limited edition by Jawbone

New Love To Talk limited edition by Jawbone
The new Jawbone limited edition headsets, named Love To Talk and created by Yves Behar are now available in three colors. The high quality accessories are offered in white, black, and light brown and each color scheme represents a certain way of communication. The white unit is marked for Trash Talk fans, the sexy black one for Dirty Talk and the light brown is for a Sweet Talk.

via Gizmodo



1. Nathan unregistered

How much are they gonna cost?

2. V unregistered

Why oh why ALIPH!! You've gone ghetto. I'll still wear and use the original...but will never touch THOSE...not even if they were given away. Make those WITHOUT the stupid designs.

3. Gib unregistered

Im sure i know some people will go for the Dirty talk and sweet talk for the logo and coloring....

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