New HTC commercial claims One series is the product of listening to customers

We can't be too sure what exactly HTC means when it says that it "listens" to customers. It could be that HTC has done extensive surveys, or compiled data from customer service calls, or has simply inferred public sentiment...
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9. gwuhua1984

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Well, don't know about the non-removable battery and no SD card slot part, not sure if that's part of listening to customers. Everything else, I think is good to consider as customer voices heard.

10. JGuinan007

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HTC does listen to customers ... some times they do have HTC dev and unlock bootloaders because XDA members got the CEOs email and flooded it with request to unlock bootloaders now looks like we'll have to do that again to get removable batteries and micro sd card slots. This trend of removing micro sd card slots and non-removable batteries has to stop it makes the phones cheaper but if people don't buy because they are left out how much more profit will you get. Make a great quality phone with great removable battery and micro sd card. This is the reason I'm passing on th HTC One XL. Hopefully Samsung won't let me down with Galaxy S 3.

18. phoenixpr

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19. phoenixpr

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Not sure why you got to thumb down, You should have nothing but thumbs up, They need to stop this HTC/Apple crap. If I want my Android to be an iCrap iPhone, I'll get an iPhone. But I want a Android with an expansion slot and removable battery. If not then I guess I will be getting an iCrap iPhone, because I am a Mac user and love the Apple ecosystem. But really would LOVE to continue with Androids

45. Jillsandwich

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Are you two done making out yet? Rofl. Losing an SD slot and removable battery is a heavy loss, but it shouldn't be a make-of-break scenario, either, moron. Android is still the most powerful operating system right now, capable of doing things iOS wishes it could do. Sure, iTunes is a good eco-system. But it'll never be better than the Google-powered Android. You can continue pretending you like Android all you want by saying you'd rather have it than an iOS, but you're pretty transparent now, too. Android, the OS, is superior. And that's that. With ICS, Android is reaching new levels of optimization. But all you can think and bitch about is how you're not going to have an expandable memory slot. That's trite and petty. That being said, screw both Android and Apple. I have an WP7 Titan and love it more than any Android device or iOS device I've ever used. If you want to talk about an eco-system, check that out, first. Or not. Either way, quit crying over spilt milk, girl.

46. phoenixpr

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And this from the Window (WP7-Titan) Barbie phone peanut gallery, thanks for such a deep and insightful and intellectual comments. Now get off my left nut already, and get back on your eMachine and email your mother you need your diapers change already...

47. Jillsandwich

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lol. Your left nut? That would imply you have balls in the first place, instead of you know, visiting the same thread day in and day out, trying to start a pep rally of your pity party because you can't stand the fact that the 1X left out SD expansion and battery replacements like a little pussy. Take your own advise and quit bitching over split milk. Seriously, what are you, like 10? Replying with a crack about your genitals? Wow, is PA really THAT lacking in mature posters?

51. phoenixpr

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I didn't mean to make you cry, OK I'll be nice so you can go back to enjoying your eMachine. Stalking people on FB, Because we all know your not visiting this thread, Hmm? Right,

53. Jillsandwich

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rofl. You're the one here trying to garner support because of the battery/memory card issue. And you're even bitching because someone else got a "thumbs down." And you think you're in a position to say someone else is crying? Haha, no. I love how you have to jump from crappy insult to crappy insult because you're so low on material and/or have nothing else to do other than bitching about HTC "becoming more like Apple." when, in fact, the One-X has been getting stellar reviews everywhere. Please, you should stop. I know it takes everything you have to muster up a 10-year old genital joke, as well as someone unfounded remark about "Facebook stalking." Save you and your molecule sized brain the effort and do not bother. Btw, I reply because PA notifies me when a comment is posted on an article I post a comment on. You reply to everything here, period, trying to get people to join you in leaving Android, because HTC did some things you don't like. And logically, amongst the myriad of other Android devices that do support batteries + memory cards, the only real alternative is leaving Android, as a whole, and joining the other platform that also doesn't use said features, right? Yes, that's some genius logic, there. I guess it's the same mindset that automatically makes you resort to your d**k as the first comment you can think of towards someone. And, what's that? ...Right, Facebook stalking. Clearly, there are things you've had on your mind, so you have to project to someone else? Don't bother. I know you have nothing to say. Save yourself the trouble and stay down, loser. Again.. loser. =)

54. phoenixpr

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You are one SUPER PARANOID FREAK, Not once did I ask people to join my cause or leave Android, LOL! You really should learn how to read. Please! we all know you have multiple account on PA, you have nothing better else to do then cry cause I hurt your feelings. I see now your slurping on my right nut. LOL! and stalking me on FaceBook, Get a life you fat fool, while you at it take your fat wife and kids to Denny's , as to take a break from your eMachine.

55. Jillsandwich

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LOL. Dude, you're coming on here and bombarding every post here. Yes, you're pretty much looking for people to join your little crusade on hating on the one-X. You're still here whining, after all! And no, you're free to check on my ISP or whatever to see if there are multiple accounts associated with it. I do love how you're resorting to every elementary school joke, though. First you talk about your nuts. Then you talk about some unfounded "stalking" accusasions. Now you're talking about a wife. Wow, really? What's next? Your mama's jokes? And, yes, assuming I did have wife and kids, I'm sure it'd be aeons ahead of whatever you'd do with your left and right nuts. I love how you have absolutely nothing tech-related to respond with, so you're forced to take insecure, sophmoric comments in hopes to detract from the topic at hand. It shows the difference between losers like you who crawl around beneath the ground and people like me who aim for the sky. If there was ever an argument to support that all people aren't created equal, you would be the prime example, with picture and all associated with. Also wouldn't be a bad case for retardation. You know, just saying. =) What's wrong? Got nothing else to say, butthurt boy? Still crying that future Android flagships won't support mem-cards or extra batteries? rofl. Sucks to be you! I'm looking forward to the next generation of devices, all platforms, so it's a nice outlook. I'm glad I don't need an extra battery or memory card to dictate my opinion of an entire platform like some people do! (i.e. you, moron) Again, friend. You need to stop posting. Each time you do, the class dictinction between us gets bigger and better.

56. phoenixpr

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LOL! Still crying, "the class dictinction between us gets bigger and better?". more like age distinction, You fool go back to school, cause you don't know how to spell, It's (distinction) not (dictinction) your post just show I'm dealing with a adolescent teenager. Come back when you growballs and hair. Run alone now Nancy... LOL!

57. Jillsandwich

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lmao. All this time and all you can think about is a typo?? Hahaha. So, let me get this straight. You've been making cracks about balls, facebook stalking, someone's computer and loads of other immature things and now you think you're in a position to call someone "adolescent" because they make a typo? Never mind the fact that your posts have been littered with grammatical errors? The term "pot kettle black" is like describing the tip of an iceburg with you. lol. no. When your entire reply revolves around one typo, you KNOW you've lost! Haha. Thanks for the laughs. In the end, you had nothing more to talk about than c*ck and balls. Speaking of which, have you had you hourly beat off session yet? You seem cranky. Better load up on the oils and get started! lol. Ciao, loser.

58. phoenixpr

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I can't believe your still hurt and crying over my post, LOL! You really have thin skin. Nancy give it up, you lost this post war from the beginning. R.I.P. Little Girl, LOL!

59. parkwaydr

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Haha he thinks your me, we had it out the other day because I called him a troll, I see his insults havnt varied at all. And phoenixpr, assuming you were talking about me, its one thing to insult me, but insulting my family makes it personal, last thing you want mate

50. Tips_y

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Wow speak of a curve ball! Totally didn't expect the conclusion of the post!


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his voice isn't that inspiring at all! the video is great but the background music is awful it isn't enticing at all how i hope they will make a new one or a new version sony is good in making ads as well as samsung HTC failed in this one looking in the handset alone is much more encouraging than watching this boring video >:I disappointing but i'll still be waiting for the one S :)

20. remixfa

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it would just be horribly ironic then, if the One had speaker issues. can you hear me!?!? :) :) :)

30. 0o0blackstar0o0

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Why they make it like KONY 2012 bahaha ?

32. Tips_y

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I find the commercial slow-moving and long therefore boring.

33. kindlefireowner

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Why would HTC want to copy Apple. Why would HTC want to sell only 31 million phones in 3 months. Why would HTC want to create a brand that makes people wait in lines for hours to buy a phone. What is the point of sitting on 98 billion dollars in profit. Nope cant see why HTC would want to copy Apple.

36. parkwaydr

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There's a word that might help you out, its called innovation.

37. kindlefireowner

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Innovation over Profits? Only if your 17. Andriod lovers seem to forget one thing. This is a business. In business profits thump innovation.

42. parkwaydr

Posts: 572; Member since: Sep 07, 2011

Innovation leads to profits, businesses can't survive in the tech world without it, just look at rim. Profits don't trump innovation, innovation is needed to be profitable. Tech business 101 son.

43. kindlefireowner

Posts: 504; Member since: Dec 05, 2011

Business 101. You have to make a product that people want to buy. HTC would not be the first company to try to copy a successful a product. Innovation sounds great on a blog. But the bottom line is sales. So if HTC makes a phone that reminds people of the number 1 selling smartphone in history, and it's a success, don't think they will mind bring compared.

44. kenemu

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Really HTC? I cant recall i evev told you that i dont want sd slot and removable batt! Iam not tempted to buy any phone without 2500+ ma batt or 32g less internal storage.

48. Fallout09

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49. jamrockjones

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"it seems that HTC has learned that customers don't actually want to see the smartphones being advertised in the actual commercial." Ha, no kidding.
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