Netflix's streaming library is shrinking in the future seeing that Starz content is going away

Confirmed through Netflix yesterday, it appears that they will no longer be offering any Starz related content starting early next year, Basically, roughly 1,000 titles from Netflix’s existing library are going to go away come March 1st...
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32. cr8tive007

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I have the streaming only package. I usually watch at least a movie or two a day. I exhausted the majority of good movies with my first month free promo. With that said, I have kept on because they have some decent stuff in the library and I have expanded my horizons. I am more than a movie buff and had the regional manager tell me I was ranked in the top ten users from California from my blockbuster account. Blockbusters a complete rip off and streaming is totally next gen, but with price increases, and less inventory, what's the point. Greed, bottom lines, bulls**t excuses the movie distributors raised prices so were just passing the buck... Sad. What I plan on doing is canceling soon, there are still few movies I want to see, also if you log into your account, you can cancel the last day of the month before your new cycle begins, so you can truly maximize your benefit. If you wait 3 months or 90 days, their system resets and you can re-enter your same email address or just get a new one from gmail and get another free trial month. By then they will have cycled at least another free months worth of decent titles to watch to make it worth your while. Don't get mad, just play the game!

33. InspectorGadget80 unregistered

The reason I don't stream NETFLIX is because they have less movies to stream than they do on DVD's. so what's the point in paying more since they raise the fees? i got rid of my streaming feature and back to DVD

35. cbas unregistered

Everyone seems to complain about content on Netflix, keep in mind it is 7.99 for unlimited viewing! One newly released flick from amazon/ blockbuster is $4-5. Although Netflix is a streaming company it cannot directly be compared unless Netflix limited you to 1 and 1/2 movies a month, different directions. They may benefit from adding such a service, though I would not use it for new releases are free if have the know how. I believe to be fully satisfied at a reasonable price you must diversify your entertainment sources. Netflix is for instant entertainment even if it is crap sometimes. I would much rather though all said in done spend 25 bucks a month if it meant there were better titles. This increase is a move in the right direction! more flow to acquire content. People are ridiculous losing their sh*t about 3 bucks...come on really? Go buy a pack of gum and a snickers...done p.s. This frustration would be better directed towards ATT making limits on bandwidth and now charging overages for it.
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