NVIDIA introduces first HD capable processor for WM

NVIDIA introduces first HD capable processor for WM
NVIDIA introduced APX 2500, which is the first in the industry applications processor that “enables intuitive 3D user interfaces and engaging high-definition video on connected Windows Mobile phones.” The chipset is based on a new ultra-low-power (ULP) GeForce core that is fully OpenGL ES 2.0 and Microsoft Direct3D Mobile compliant. The APX 2500is able to deliver 10 hours of 720p HD playback and HD camcorder support, as well as ultra-high-resolution photo imaging. NVIDIA has worked closely with Microsoft in order to design the APX 2500, which is going to be suitable for smartphones and portable GPS devices.

source: NVIDIA via PocketPCThoughts



1. Hefavitzen unregistered

Hopefully Verizon would allow a phone like this on thier network one day. I'd actually get a cool phone for once. I love the service, I hate the phones...BORING

2. unregistered

in the end, which would you rather have? the flashiest phone, or the phone that works when you need it?

3. unregistered

I'd rather have a phone that does what I would like it to do now. Like, at this point in time. Like an iPhone true competitor on Verizon. Because, I'd like an iPhone, but AT&T doesn't work well where I live. So, I just use Verizon's mediocre phones for now.

4. unregistered

You may want to switch carriers.

5. kostas unregistered

hi, i read in nvidia that it will paly for up to 100 (yes one hundred) HOURS!!!that's just Oh My GOD!!!!! it really is too much especially for a mobile phone since even mp3 have only reached half the hour limit!(approximate 50 hours)

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