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NVIDIA Tegra 4 gaming demo

0. phoneArena posted on 27 Feb 2013, 07:56

Tegra 4 is slated to hit devices later in the year, but NVIDIA has a reference tablet with the mobile chipset platform at MWC, so we took it for a spin, trying out a few of the games that come preloaded on it...

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posted on 27 Feb 2013, 08:13

1. Jonathan41 (Posts: 532; Member since: 22 Mar 2012)

Looks nice but, I don't want to wait for it. By the time it comes out I would do better waiting on next years processors.

posted on 27 Feb 2013, 11:06 2

7. Commentator (Posts: 3722; Member since: 16 Aug 2011)

And by the time next year's processors came out, you'd be better off waiting for the year after that!

posted on 27 Feb 2013, 19:00 1

12. jroc74 (Posts: 6019; Member since: 30 Dec 2010)

And by the time that year's processors came out, you'd be better off waiting for the year after that!

posted on 27 Feb 2013, 08:26

2. darac (Posts: 2156; Member since: 17 Oct 2011)

Not impressed by the vampire hunter.
There are games already out, that look better

posted on 27 Feb 2013, 08:30 1

3. nikenturd (unregistered)

Typical Nvidia....press release here and there on how awesome their new chip is, then BAAAAAAAM!!! Here comes the newer Exynos and Qualcom....gobble gobble gobble....same old story, getting eclipsed in the final run...I promised myself ill never buy another Tegra device, but hey...who knows ? 4th time lucky perhaps ..smirks

posted on 27 Feb 2013, 08:45 1

4. prokshit (Posts: 12; Member since: 20 Sep 2012)

Waste! i cant buy a new tegra to play 4 games a YEAR! and all the other awesome game like most of the gameloft games are still not optimized for their older chipset and NFS run like crap on their chipset Cough* TEGRA 3 cough*...whats the use to buy a high end phone which cant play other android games rather than the THD Version... better by some all round Chipset and hackup and get all the effects as well the other android games too,,,^^ .. Shared by my expierence of my one x..

posted on 27 Feb 2013, 08:50 1

6. nikenturd (unregistered)

this is why Samsung's Exynos is a lot better than Tegra.....it ain't picky...I owned the One X as well and now the Nexus 7 and they stutter like crap...I cant wait to replace it with the Note 8

posted on 27 Feb 2013, 08:48

5. jove39 (Posts: 1976; Member since: 18 Oct 2011)

Tegra4 should've been out by now...why so delay???

posted on 27 Feb 2013, 12:32 1

8. MrPhilo (Posts: 52; Member since: 25 Feb 2013)

Some people need to understand that Tegra 4 is a different story to Tegra 2 & 3. They was terrible chips I agree but Nvidia finally realized it. Tegra 4 has a GPU better than iPad 4 (A6X), which your gonna see on 'smartphones'. The Exynos isn't going to better, its CPU is pretty much the same in 'High Performance' just with 4xA7 and 1xLow Power Companion Core A15.

The GPU part if true is the SGX544MP3 which is between the A6X and Exynos Dual GPU performance. So Tegra 4 beats that, unless its the Mali T678 GPU, we'll see!

Snapdragon 800 already told that it's GPU is 50% faster than its Adreno 320 which makes it equal to Tegra 4 if you GLBenchmark.

I am being a bit bias towards Nvidia, as I love how they work with developers to make the game quality better even though its unfair to the other chips but, c'mon? Only Nvidia is pushing Android developers to develop more 'High Quality' games, other chips are just aiming for 'Higher Benchmark Scores'.

I do however like how Snapdragon integrates all its modem etc, which saves power.

But we'll see in the future!

posted on 27 Feb 2013, 13:48 2

9. darac (Posts: 2156; Member since: 17 Oct 2011)

Mr Philo, I completely agree.

One thing doesn't fit the bill though.. on the Exynos octa presentation, Samsung claimed its GPU is twice faster than the most powerful current mobile GPU.
If he was referring to iPad 4' GPU, then it has to be the Mali 628/658.
If he had iPhone 5' GPU comparison in mind, the SGX 554MP3 still seems short of being double the power

posted on 27 Feb 2013, 15:55

11. MrPhilo (Posts: 52; Member since: 25 Feb 2013)

Mali T604 was mean't to be 5x faster than Mali 400MP4, but it only doubles it by a little. It marketing, but Tegra 4 has shown evidence that its a capable SoC.

Actually I take my performance back from the SGX544MP3. iPhone 5 A6 gets around 3000 on GLBenchmark at 266Mhz, whereas the Exynos one is at 533Mhz which is double, which in theory should be the same performance as the iPad 4 & Tegra 4. Although double the clock doesn't always translate into double the speed.

posted on 27 Feb 2013, 14:06

10. NokiaFTW (Posts: 2072; Member since: 24 Oct 2012)

Tegra 4 FTW !!
LOL , I'm just joking :P

posted on 27 Feb 2013, 19:17

13. Madarres (Posts: 12; Member since: 30 Mar 2012)

good graphics, EVEN BETTER!! glare...

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