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Mysterious Nokia device spotted running on Snapdragon 800 and Adreno 330 graphics

0. phoneArena posted on 04 Oct 2013, 04:59

A mysterious Nokia device has surfaced on GFXBench and it’s a powerhouse featuring the latest and most powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 system chip with Adreno 330 graphics…

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posted on 04 Oct 2013, 05:01 1

1. itsdeepak4u2000 (Posts: 3718; Member since: 03 Nov 2012)

This might be new tablet from Nokia.

posted on 04 Oct 2013, 05:30 6

4. sri_tech (Posts: 188; Member since: 21 May 2013)

Yes but it does not have 1366x768 resolution as the other saying.
1371 x 771 means its FULL HD screen qith 140% scaling.

If you check the GFX bench page for recently released surface 2 which has tegra 4 and FULL HD display it also reports the resolution as 1371x771

posted on 04 Oct 2013, 05:52 1

6. itsdeepak4u2000 (Posts: 3718; Member since: 03 Nov 2012)

There is a very little or negligible difference between 1366 x 768 & 1371 x 771 resolutions so it doesn't matter.

posted on 04 Oct 2013, 06:13 4

7. sri_tech (Posts: 188; Member since: 21 May 2013)

My point is the device does have 1920x1080 display not 1377x771 or 1366x768.

posted on 04 Oct 2013, 05:18

2. N-fanboy (Posts: 543; Member since: 12 Jan 2013)

I really hope this aint true....

posted on 04 Oct 2013, 07:32 1

8. drkavint (Posts: 14; Member since: 27 Feb 2013)

dont worry.. after gsmarena now phonearena is intrested in cooking stories about dead snake... nokia is closed chapter... lets give it a worthy funeral and burry it to r.i.p. lets not encourage such topics... 1080p screen, quadcore is nonsense... windows phone crashes..(my 520, friends 720) rather than android which hangs... oops.. whats app takes 10sec to load on my lumia... who wants such lagging, crashing premium phones... sony is out to revenge samsung in build and features... lets move with android and ios...nokia to rip(rest in peace)...

posted on 04 Oct 2013, 10:58

9. Cyberchum (Posts: 753; Member since: 24 Oct 2012)

Are you well at all?

posted on 04 Oct 2013, 05:23

3. THE.DARK.KNIGHT (banned) (Posts: 269; Member since: 09 Sep 2013)

Now that's more like it.

posted on 04 Oct 2013, 05:46

5. renz4 (Posts: 319; Member since: 10 Aug 2013)

lol at the title. if it's snapdragon 800 then of course the gpu inside will be adreno 330. so far i haven't heard snapdragon 800 being paired with other gpu

posted on 04 Oct 2013, 11:19

10. supersume (Posts: 9; Member since: 04 Oct 2013)

Guys the screen is full HD. I develop a Windows 8 app (XReader) and and the resolution obtained from all Surface Pros is 1371 x 771, so its something to do with scaling

posted on 04 Oct 2013, 13:07

11. 7thspaceman (Posts: 1584; Member since: 14 Feb 2011)

Hmm this looks like it is a general tablet which means like the Apple Ipads and the Android Tablets and the Surface 2 and RT it will run only touch screen Apps. it's resolution is known as
HDTV-2 which is 720P resolution. 1080p 0r interlace 1080 HDTV resolution is the best unless you go to the new 4k standard which is not supported in the USA. Folks I would buy this tablet as a collectors item because Nokia may never again make ant mobile smart phones or tablets
although the agreement it has with Microsoft allows Nokia ti again make smart phones and Tablets in 2015.Do you think Nokia will return to selling mobile devices in 2015

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