Mysterious LG VX9100 on FCC site

Mysterious LG VX9100 on FCC site
The FCC Approval site now has a listing for the LG VX9100, a dual-band CDMA phone with EVDO and Bluetooth for Verizon Wireless.

Unfortunately, the FCC has locked the external and internal product photos until July, but it is unlikely the device will take that
long before being released.

We will keep you informed as new details emerge, as well as any images of the device.

source: FCC



5. phome unregistered

this phone needs to come out now i need a phone to switch out my venus with since it has frozen while texting so many times resulting in 5 venus'

4. BloodiedWraith unregistered

The handset now has an active SKU and in its description it is "env2"

3. james villan unregistered

this lg 9100 is no other than sprints rumor! altel has it sprint has it now verizon i seen this phone my self obiusly is the easy to use or 1 level entry texting phone for verizon due to envy,voyager,and crosble(u740) are not really price friendly!!! the "Q-ball(or u940)

2. Seth unregistered

Yeah, you can also see the "LG 9800" (V, released in 4Q2005 or 1Q2006) and LG 5400 (released 4Q2007) as upcoming 1Q2008 launches. The name of the document is also x.xls, and the SKU information is wrong (should be LG-VX5400 and LG-VX9800, not LG 9800). The 9100 is coming, but I wouldn't trust that obvious sham of a document.

1. jblock unregistered

in your post discussing the naming of the Verizon Samsung "Q-Ball" you can clearly see LG 9100 with a Q1 '08 release date

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