Myriad launches J2Android tool to allow Java-based apps to run on Android

Myriad launches J2Android tool to allow Java-based apps to run on Android

Android is about to see a ton of moreJava-Based apps and games with Myriad's recently launched tool calledJ2Android. Basically it converts over thousands of MIDletapplications that are available on the market and allows Dalvik, thevirtual machine used on Android, to run them. Aside from convertingthose applications for use on Android, it will also rescale it sothat its fits perfectly to the size of the display being used. Additionally, it'll offer support for soft keys seeing that theoriginal application was created to be used with a numerical keypad.Malcolm Dawe, Chief product officer of Myriad said, “As Androiddevices appear in greater volumes, the challenge has been how quicklythe industry can make apps and content available to cope with user demand. One obvious source isthe catalogue of quality titles already available but locked away inJava format.”

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1. tiolawa

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Awesome!!! More apps for android... kick A$$!!!

2. vzw fanman

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3. numberonenygfan

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