MySpace goes mobile

MySpace goes mobile
MySpace now has its official mobile version available for anyone. Previously, only certain carriers (AT&T, Helio) had agreements with the social networking site for subscription-based applications. Now, you can access MySpace free of charge, no matter the wireless service provider, but prepare for multiple ads, since they are going to be the main revenue source of the service.

via: MobileBurn



1. ewill unregistered

myspace is lame and people need to get a life rather than spend every minute on gayspace

2. Spenallday unregistered

fagspace is seriously for homos. I hate likeitinthebackspace

3. tyler unregistered

i used to have myspace, deleted it b/c it was GAY

4. ddsindpls unregistered

I didn't know that little kids posted on here.

5. Sexman unregistered

Myspace is very good for creating firm contacts with producers and people in the business. You guys are just too gay to admit it!

6. Mike unregistered

What is your problem with gay people? Why don't you just come out and deal with your insecurity? Does it make you feel like such a big man to come down on people like this?

7. unregistered

Haha, sad people commenting here. Myspace isn't something you should spend all your time on, but there are numoreous very talented bands on there and I enjoy the music browsing, despite all the bullshit going on there.

8. bigger and better unregistered

the reason you hate myspace is because your a fat ugly loser. so dont hate it because the hot chicks wont talk to you and meet up with you. get a life, maybe you will have better luck!

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