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Multiple Facebook devices coming out this year

0. phoneArena posted on 15 Feb 2011, 04:30

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, was featured in HTC's press event at MWC today to announce that not only one, but a multitude of Facebook-centered devices is coming out this year...

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posted on 15 Feb 2011, 05:12 3

1. killemall (unregistered)

"If you have had any doubts about the importance of Facebook, the news about its 500+ million subscribers should have changed your opinion."

I am sorry, but which IDIOT did write this? Just becosue they found 500million idiots to create account, does not mean its important. It points to other facts.

As of the phones. Probobly will run android. So they (in mine opinion) will have 1 more reason to not buy em.... Integrated something is good if you use em. but to buy phone which buggs you about something you do not need.... useless... :D

posted on 15 Feb 2011, 10:57 2

6. phone333 (Posts: 331; Member since: 04 Feb 2009)

Useless or not facebook is making billions and many will buy the phone. Actually a lot of people make a productive use of facebook. Some even promote their business. The problem is there are so many people using it for time wasting that we tend to think that's what it's all about. I gotta admit I got a few annoying friends on facebook, but there's nothing wrong with promoting my business for FREE.

posted on 15 Feb 2011, 05:43

2. dkelz313 (Posts: 4; Member since: 13 Feb 2011)

This is going to make people sway away from purchasing phones. They're doing too much. An Evo Facebook phone? So many people would like a regular Evo, but it being a Facebook phone will force a lot of consumers to pass on such a device. ( that was an example, I'm aware there isn't an Evo Facebook phone )

posted on 15 Feb 2011, 08:07 6

3. Hallucinator (Posts: 387; Member since: 24 May 2010)

I agree with the above post. Just because I like chocolate and I like shrimp does not mean I want chocolate covered shrimp.

posted on 15 Feb 2011, 08:23 1

4. N.Reynolds (unregistered)

My android phone already does plenty with facebook. I think anymore features will simply just get annoying.

posted on 15 Feb 2011, 08:50 3

5. SemperFiV12 (Posts: 948; Member since: 09 Nov 2010)

A facebook app is enough... no need for a facebook phone. ridiculous.

posted on 15 Feb 2011, 11:31 2

7. messiah (Posts: 438; Member since: 19 Feb 2010)

All platforms have Facebook apps. A dedicated device to run that app is pointless.

Then again, the only reason to wear Nike is to have shoes that say "Nike" on them.

550 million people may buy a phone because it has Facebook fashioned to its back battery cover. I know Apple's success is due to the same legacy.... their logo on the back. By most standards there is a better product out there...... but its an iPhone. Similarly now it will be: but its a Facebook.

posted on 15 Feb 2011, 12:47 2

8. willywill_evo (Posts: 162; Member since: 05 Jan 2011)

am 23 years old and never had and never will have a facebook account..i stay away from all that crap even myspace

posted on 15 Feb 2011, 15:31 1

9. fresh (unregistered)

Whats the point of a facebook phone when u have an app for android and iphone and whatever other platforms there are....facebook u FAIL!

posted on 16 Feb 2011, 00:14

10. messiah (Posts: 438; Member since: 19 Feb 2010)

What's next? Angry Birds Phone?

posted on 16 Feb 2011, 06:38

11. protozeloz (Posts: 5396; Member since: 16 Sep 2010)

nope... twitter phone

posted on 17 Feb 2011, 14:16

12. Corey (unregistered)

I agree what a waste of time with facebook want no part of it and HTC wow got rid of that to had one as a starter phone for android did not like the spyware that comes with the software oh well good luck with that

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