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We have some preliminary information on new phones to be released next year by Morotola. Please keep in mind that this information is not officially confirmed by Motorola and all specs are subject to change.

Motorola V70 will be upgraded to Motorola V70i. There are rumors on the Internet that this model will have a color display, but we have contrary information. According to our friends at Mobile-Review only the shell will changed and a few new features in the software will appear. It is expected that the updated model will be launched Q1 of 2003.


V70i Specs:
• GSM 900/1800/1900 mhz
• GPRS (4d-1u)
• Display 96x64 , 4096 Colors
• Dimentions 3.7"x1.49"x0.62 (94x38x16.3 cm)
• Weight 2.9oz (89g)
• J2ME
• SMS Chat
• Wap 1.2.1
• i-Melody


This is an upgraded version of Motorola T720. The T725 is expected to be launched Q2 2002. It will be tri-band (800/1800/1900) World GSM phone, weight is 80cc, with 3.5x1.8x0.9 inches dimentions. It will have two displays 120x160 internal and 96x32 external. Addition will be the integrated camera, 40 Level MIDI with polyphonic speaker (Yahana sound engine) and USB connectivity. Also, it will have MMS, EMS, SMS Chat, WAP 2.0, J2ME.

Motorola T725

T725 Specs:
• GSM 900/1800/1900
• GPRS (4D-1U)
• Display Internal-120x160, 4096 Colors; External 96x32
• Dimentions 3.5"x1.8"x0.9" (90 x 47.5 x 23 mm)
• Weight 3.6oz (101g)
• USB connectivity
• SMS Chat
• WAP 2.0
• Polyphonic rings (40 leverl MIDI, Yamaha sound engine)

V300 and V600
V300 and V600 will be 2 of the new models. It is presumed that both models will be world phones, supporting all GSM bands - 850/1900 and 900/1800. Both phones will have polyphonic ringers and support for GPRS, which has come to be expected of all phones released in that timeframe. The handsets will feature a plug-in digital camera as an optional accessory. V300 will be equipped with a color display (STN, 4096 colors, 128x128 resolution) and will support EMS, MMS, WAP, Java, i-melody, MIDI. It will also have PIM functionality. The phone will weigh in at only 3 oz and measure 3.15" x 0.85" x 1.77"

Motorola V300

V300 Specs:
• GSM 850/900/1800/1900
• Dimentions 3.15" x 0.8" x 1.77" (80 x 22 x 45 mm)
• Weight 3.14 oz (88g)
• Display - External 128x128, 4096 colors, internal 96x96
• USB connectivity
• 16 leverl MIDI with polyphonic speaker
• SMS Chat
• WAP 1.2.1
• J2ME
• i-Melody

V600 will be the big brother of V300. Hence, its screen is capable of displaying 65k colors and a resolution of 120x160 pixels. Furthermore, it supports bluetooth. It supports dynamic memory and the user will have 2-3Mb of free memory space. V600 is expected to come out in the end of the Q3 2003.

Motorola V600

V600 Specs:
• GSM 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz
• GPRS (4D-1U)
• Dimentions 1.7" x 3.5" x 0.86" (45 x 87 x 22 mm)
• Weight 3.3oz (95g)
• Display Internal - 120x160, 65k colors; 96x32 External
• 40 level polyphonic ringer
• Bluetooth
• 2-3 Megs End user memory
• Digital camera accessory
• Battery life - talk time - 375 mins, Stand-by - 285h

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Smartphone? Sure! (Paragon II)

Motorola has a new Symbian OS - based phone in the works. It is scheduled for release at the end of 2003. It is called the Paragon II. It is tri-band phone (900/1800/1900), with support for WCDMA2100. The handset has a touchscreen which can show 65k colors and an impressive 208x320 pixels. It will weigh 5.9 oz. Its dimensions will be 4.9" x 2.36" x 0.95". It will support cHTML, XML and HTML. Also will have VPN support, Voice control and commands, Instant messanger, integrated GPS and MP3, SD I/O card, 802.11. This phone is designed to compete with the new generation phone/PDA devices like Sony Ericsson P800 and Nokia 7650. We think that features-wise the phone will be comparable to the P800. Paragon II sports a built-in digital camera in contrast with lower-end phones which feature this as an accessory. The phone will have support for bluetooth, a mail client and a slot for MMC cards. An innovation which sets this phone aside from the competition is the inclusion of a built-in sound card with support for 3D sound. According to reports this phone may actually appear as early as April of 2003.

Paragon II

Paragon II Specs:
• Symbian OS 7.0
• C++, J2ME
• cHTML, XML, HTML support
• VPN Support
• Haptics - Sensors - Light, vibration, etc
• Polyphonic Speaker with 3D sound and speakerphone
• Intergrated Bluetooth
• SD I/O Card and Accessories
• Instant Messanger

Concept phone A835

Concept II A835
Concept A835

Another interesting concept is A835. It resembles Paragon II in functionality, but has enhanced videoconferencing features. As A835 is not final yet, it might have a different design and features. The same goes for other phones mentioned in this article. Very often a manufacturer changes specifications and design before the device is made official.

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