Motorola files for a ‘rollable’ phone patent

Motorola files for a ‘rollable’ phone patent
Motorola has filed for a patent on a flexible “User Interface System” which has an active and inactive position. The description basically fits the concept of a mobile phone with a rollable display and/or keyboard. The device will have all its working electronics in a solid part. Electrorheological fluid will be used in a reservoir beneath the foldable surface. This fluid solidifies when electric current runs through it, thus making the display/keyboard roll out and goes back to liquid when the current is not present. So when you press a button, electricity runs through the phone and it becomes solid and as easy to use as any other cell. That’s a pretty interesting idea, even though other “rollable” devices are almost ready for the market.

source: US Patent and Trademark Office via: UnwiredView


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