Motorola Z8 Ferrari Limited Edition

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Motorola Z8 Ferrari Limited Edition
Photos of MOTO Z8 Ferrari Limited edition have emerged on the web. It has the same specifications and functions as the original Z8, but it now comes in a red and black color layout and a Ferrari logo.

MOTO Z8 Ferrari Limited Edition also comes with these bonuses:

• 2 Ferrari videos
• Pre-registration to the official Ferrari site (
• Ferrari wallpapers and ringtones
• Direct links to online magazines (Top Gear, Auto Express, GQ, Esquire and Autosport)
• Bundled “The Bourne Identity” movie

The information states that MOTO Z8 Ferrari Limited Edition will be available at Ferrari stores and Motorola retailers somewhere around the first quarter of 2008, but the model is not officially announced, so the price is yet unknown.

via: Unwiredview



1. unregistered

This phone will die fast like the ESPN phone

2. T-Money3000 unregistered

Yea, this fone is pretty awesome. However, the Z6 ain't doing too good. let's hope this 'gimmic' works out for Moto

3. unregistered

What does this have to do with the ESPN phone? What a MO-ron.

4. unregistered

This phone has new features that are useless to the everyday consumer. like the ESPN phone, thus only the MO-rons like #3 will buy.

5. unregistered

WOAH!! I am sensing some angry over here. Relax, take a deep hug your partner and say "I love you". Dude, I am so high right now............

6. unregistered

The difference is the ESPN phone had the purpose of keeping you in touch with the lastest in sports news, vid clips, etc..etc and it was considered a MVNO. This phone is just a phone and not part of a MVNO. So comparing it to the ESPN phone in that sense would be incorrect.

7. unregistered

The ESPN phone was a bad phone before they put the ESPN brand on it. Thats the difference. The Z6 did have iots flaws, but it had the potential to be a solid phone. I am sure the Z8 has improved on the flaws of the Z6 and this will ne a popular phone.

8. Deadcar4 unregistered

What is da ESPN phone

9. Bucci unregistered

K dudes, i dont know how old u all are, but this is a teens perspective on the pone.Personnaly i dont give a shit about the other phones, this looks way sicker than a normal one, and a load of people will buy it because its bringing the Ferrari logo. NObody cares if its got "flaws", even if it does they can say "I've got a Ferrari phone!". Either way like the previece guy said (#7) this phone will have improved any imperfections that the Z6 will of obtained, not that it matters what the Z6 had. And for all the people who cant use their brains, they put The Bourn movie in there because its wone the most amount of oscars in 2007, and every body loves it. (in this case they figured they would put the best movie out there, in the phone, just so u could want 2 buy it even more, plus it really is an awsome movie. Any way it looks sick and worth the while. O and if THIS site doesint show the price....well its ranging around 500 bucks (Euro).

10. unregistered

Hello people, what the hell, i cannot find the flaws on this page for the phone it said on the internet it had flaws so where are they losers! Anyway this website should be easyer to use i dont no wat the hell im doing

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