Motorola W755 releasing tomorrow

Motorola W755 releasing tomorrow
Starting on Friday, the Motorola W755 will be available for purchase through the Verizon Wireless website and retail locations. The W755 is an entry-level phone, designed to compete with the Samsung U550 and LG VX8350, and will be avaliable in two colors: gray and purple. Basic features include a 1.3MP camera without flash, microUSB port, dual color displays, 83MB of internal memory, and a microSD memory card slot. Located on the front are touchsensitive buttons for music control, vibrate/mute, and Bluetooth, and will also come with 5 Theme choices (Classic, Youth, Headlines, Chome and Vapor). Unfortunately, text messages can only be viewed from the Internal Display.

Pricing will be $119 with a 2-year contract, but will drop down to $69 after the $50 rebate is applied.

source: Verizon Wireless



1. unregistered

I wouldn't get this phone, just because it doesn't suit my needs, but that purple is SWEET lol

2. unregistered

The menus look quite a bit better, too bad nothing has been rearranged to make sense, except for the media center

3. unregistered

it looks okay...

4. burymeinblack

Posts: 19; Member since: Apr 30, 2008

Verizon phones will continue to be sub-par until they revamp their whole UI. That "Get It Now" thing is severely annoying when you're just trying to look at your own pictures.

8. unregistered

That is why "Get it Now" has been replaced by "Media Center".

5. Shocker unregistered

we have been selling this phone at our store for a week now...interesting.

13. unregistered


6. the champ unregistered

there are 4-5 menu styles on thsi device, and "get it now" is goe in favor of "media center" and you can always look at your pics in 2 clicks with any verizon device....oddly enough on a basic motorola it still takes me 2 clicks to get to my pics as well. soooooooooo....that didn't really hold up well. Thsi device is really targeted at the 79.99 market, middle of the road, nothing major. however this is the first FULLY unlocked bluetooth device verizon will be offering. of course you cannot transfer copywrited material via BT still, but you can send files, pics, ringers you made, connect to your computer...all the normal stuff

29. ROn unregistered

How do you send Mp3 and photos to your phones?

33. TealMama

Posts: 1; Member since: Jan 10, 2009

If it's "Fully" unlocked bluetooth, how do we get it connected to our computers? I'd love to d/l MY pics to my computer using bluetooth as I've done with previous cell phones I've had. But Can't seem to get it to connect regardless if using Motorola phone tools or trying to do it directly using computer's bluetooth alone. I can *see* my computer on the phone and my phone on the computer but can't access the pics. the Media center in MPT is greyed out. What am I doing wrong???

7. Pings unregistered

VZWs next gen UI will be a Mozilla Linux based platform.

9. JC unregistered

Verizon sucks... but this phone looks kind of cool... it looks like a cross between the V3X and Razr2... Moto needs to start putting radios in their flip-phones though...

10. unregistered

Motorola should make an ultra-slim touch screen phone that is very stylish, and great working. It would probably sell as well as the original Razr did if they price it roght.

12. unregistered

yea and then when everyone gets their crappy touch phone it wont work for at least three years to come.....just like the Razr

11. unregistered

Kind of pricey isn't it?

14. goodhrtd_wmn unregistered

I bought this phone in the cool purple, and let me tell you this phone is SWEET!!, all you idiots that are posting stuff about Verizon phones being sucky, not only do they offer the best phones and the biggest selection but their service rocks as well!!! T-mobile doesn't have nearly the greatest coverage, not to mention their phones are not very desirable unless you like talking on a brick and shoving a brick in your pocket. I mean come on the size of most of their phones are horrible at best. Sprint lacks in a nice selection of phones, and so you are left with ATT or Verizon, well let me tell you ATT is NOT very kind to their customers and they could give a rats ass if you get your service interrupted no matter how much you try to catch up and pay. PLUS all those wonderful roll over minutes you have accumulated over the past 2 yrs, you can kiss those goodbye if you ever try to switch to a different plan. So here I am checking out Verizon for the first time, and so far I like what I see. The touch screen for music and bluetooth connection is sweet, makes it easy to turn things on or off. The only thing I have found so far is when you categorize your groups it only allows so many contacts in that group. So you have to make sub groups so to speak if you have a lot of family or friends. Other then that I love this phone so far, the soft rubberized type of feel on the outside makes it easy to hold and not drop. The buttons are soft to the touch and easy to use and the screen is plenty big enough for me. As I use this phone more, I will update if I find any flaws or things I don't like about it, but so far this woman is one happy camper with this phone, especially for what it does and the price. I was the first to purchase it at the store I went to. If you are looking for a new phone that is sleek, weighs very little and does almost a lot check this phone out.

15. dookie boy unregistered

anyone know if this phone lags like the razrV3m? i think the razr V3m is probably the slowest phone EVER and if this phone is fast im definitely buying it.

18. unregistered

This phone is pretty slow. My old VX8300 is quite faster than this. The only downside I see on this phone is you can't send ringtones to yourself. Lame.

16. unregistered

Just got this phone today in purple after leaving AT&T for Verizon. So far I like everything about it. I have one major problem with it, the call quality seems to be lacking. Even with the volume turned all the way up I feel like I'm having to press the phone harder against my ear to fully hear the person on the other end. The call also sounds slightly as if the caller were in a tube or something. Not clear like my Razr was. The size is nice. It also seems extremely well built and durable. The camera is iffy if you actually want a decent picture. But it's a cell phone, and with no flash. No big surprises there. Overall it seems to be a great phone. We bought 2 for $19.99 after the rebate and for that price I think you get a good phone.

17. new user unregistered

i just got this phone today. i'm having a hard time setting the "talking phone" feature to say the name of incoming calls or the number (if they're not in my contacts) i went under settings and selected this feature, but it's not working. can someone with the phone tell me what i'm doing wrong? did i miss a step?

19. baby ruth unregistered

hi. i'm thinking about getting this phone. anybody that owns this phone could you please tell me if it's good for texting? I'm gonna be texting a WHOLE lot. Thanks.

21. pedreiro unregistered

only works with Abc or iTap (which sucks), no T9. Also, space-bar button is not the 0(zero) in the middle of the bottom row, instead you have to hit # in the bottom right to make a space. my nokia was much better.

20. unregistered

is this phone really slow or is it like normal phones?

22. pedreiro unregistered

Reception sucks compared to my old Nokia. Phone seems a little sluggish, but not too bad. Probably worth it to get it on 2 year contract, sell it on ebay, then use the cash to get the phone you really want!

23. sally heider unregistered

One important correction (in a good way) to your short review. The Motorola W755 is MINI-USB (not micro-USB). This is good 'cuz everyone already has the mini-usb cables for computer charging and mini-usb adapters for both car and home and earbud. One charger charges 'em all! Woo hoo! I'd never buy a phone that wasn't mini-USB, no matter what else it offered just because that would put me back in the bad 'ole days of charger hell.

24. powertechn2 unregistered

i am/was actually comparing between the w755, and the nokia 6205. i still am rokin the good trusty e815, which was and still is a kickass phone, came out around mid razr gen, but it actually worked. i finally dropped mine enough that the antenna area is breaking away from the unit and nla... basically all the razr's i tried were slow, including the new razr, im just not sure about how the coverage will be between the motorola and teh nokia? any ideas??

25. e815 fan unregistered

the backlight in my e815 kicked it so I had to "upgrade" The w755 was the closest I could find and have been pretty happy with it. Nothing comapares to the UI of the 815 though...

26. jandarlee unregistered

First, let me say I have always been a Motorola User beginning with the good old StarTac and just now trading in the V265. I'm not much of a "bells and whistles" type of a person. I JUST WANT A PHONE WITH GOOD RECEPTION. Living in a fringe area I have always counted on the Motorola for the best possible reception. Therefore, when I was time to upgrade I thought I would go with the W755.....what a mistake!! 1. Battery:Fully charged the battery when new. Did not download any music, take any pictures... Made two 20 minute phone calls and the next day (19 hrs later I received message Low Battery. Verizon Rep states if you live in a fringe area it will really use up the battery. (never had a problem with reception with my other Motorolas) 2.Reception: Five dropped calls in 2 days. After one of the dropped calls, phone state to please read message. The message said " please remember to unplug the phone from the charger" I didn't even have it plugged in to a charger. What does that have to do with a dropped call? 3. Sound: Using the phone without headset, people could hear me fine; however, it sounded like the people I were talking to you were in a tin can. Tried my wired headset, almost ruptured my eardrum with the phone on the lowest volume setting. Nothing wrong with the headset, I had just used it the day before with my Motorola V265 and it worked fine. 4. Menu layout and display, Really nice and user friendly. HOWEVER, doesn't do much good with all the other problems including reception. I did my upgrade online so I could receive the instant rebate, the phone was free with a 2-yr update agreement. Called customer service last night, they are sending a LG VX 8350 (never had a LG before).... I am praying that it will be better because according to customer service, you only get to return one phone. After I receive my LG, I have 10 days to send one of them back..........I'm betting it will be the Motorola. I am so disappointed in this Motorola because I have always counted on Motorola for good reception...... Maybe, I got a Lemon...... just beware!

27. unregistered

I am having the same problem with the new (< 30 days) W755, I had the razor prior to this piece of trash. I have tried with just the handset, wired headset and blue all three have static problem. I just contacted Verizon and they are sending me a over night replacement... I hope I won't have the same problem with the new one.

28. jandarlee unregistered

Good Luck with your replacement...... I hope it works for you. * UPDATE: I received the LG VX 8350 by Fed EX 2 days ago (Now I have to decide which is the keeper W755? or LG VX8350) 1. LG VX8350 feels and looks cheap compared to the W755 (the W755 had a GREAT display and solid feel) 2. HOWEVER, the LG VX8350 has great battery life and great reception (have not charged for 2 days and no dropped calls!) 3. Tried my wired headset on the LG, works absolutely perfect (Great Sound both ways) Same with handset 4. LG VX8350 does not get anywhere near as hot at W755 *DECISION: I'm packing up the W755 and sending it back. I want a phone that has great reception and battery; therefore the LG VX8350 is a keeper for me........*Never thought this Motorola Lady would switch to an LG, but I think the W755 may have some serious flaws.

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