Motorola RZR V3s – yet another first gen RAZR

Motorola RZR V3s – yet another first gen RAZR
FCC has approved yet another slim clamshell Motorola, with the only surprise that instead of ‘RAZR’, it is named as ‘RZR’, one vowel less. It has the same old design we’ve been seeing for the last four years and the only new thing is that it is tri-band CDMA, with the 1700 MHz AWS band supported. Two weeks ago, Cricket released the first such phone in the U.S., so it is a possible that it gets the RZR too. Alternatives are Metro PCS and US Cellular, which also purchased AWS spectrum in 2006.

source: FCC



1. T-Money3000 unregistered

Another one?????

2. doesn't matter unregistered

and Motorola wonders why it's stock is no good?!

3. Dosi unregistered

We have, the RAZR v3a that is a CDMA capable phone, we have the RAZR V3c and V3m that ar CDMA phones with decent features. But a RAZR with no ads that only tri-band CDMA is a very, very desperate idea. Oh, and i almost forget the RAZR V9m, another very good CDMA phone!!!

4. unregistered

whos actually willing to buy a razr now????i remember back then when i first saw this phone i thought it was a technological breakthrough..luckily i didnt buy it

5. ryan unregistered

we need more asian companies here! right now the only good phones out are sony, lg, and samsung. we ought to have panasonic, mitsibishi, and philips phones here! the united states sucks!!!!

6. dAN unregistered

this is really funny yet stupid, what a waste of money!!!

7. vimpiriess unregistered

i cant believe this.!!!!!! these people have no time to crate new phones. Motorola is the only company t have the create ring tone thing that Samson has disabled, but common, make a new style we are so sick of this, it is getting old. id rather stay with the one i hae for 3 years now.

8. Brownbomba unregistered

I had a razr some two years ago. I love the phone. It had plenty of images and ringtones. It also had video. I had tons of video and pictures on it. It had plenty of memory. The only thing I did not like was the small buttons for my big hands. Now, I have the cricket V3s and I don't like it all. It has very little memory. It came with about 5 ringtones and 5 wallpapers. The ringer volume is very low and the vibration can be hardly felt. The camera phone has no video. I have taken just 5 pictures and already half of the memory is gone. Cricket is selling the phone for about 199.00 but its not worth a 100.00. I wanna take it back.

9. susieqcherry

Posts: 2; Member since: Apr 01, 2009

I also got the xxx cricket v3s phone and the ringer volume is worthless, the speaker volume is even worse, and I hate the phone. I took it back to cricket and complained --they said that if they could re-create a problem they would replace the phone but they couldn't find a problem. The speaker phone only has volume coming out the backside of the phone on the opposite side of where you speak into the phone, there is no way that it can be called a speaker phone. Get this to top it off: We should have a warranty that is good through Motorola but try calling for support there, give them the numbers they want and they won't have record of that phone being sold! Not only that but I just went to Motorola online product support and entered the information requested and it comes back with unit information not found. What's up with that? The only way that we can get anything handled with these phones is directly through Cricket--and they know the phones are a piece of xxxx. I thought they would be the exact same or better then the razr I previously had through Altel!! I got screwed! Did your phone come with a users manual included in the box? Mine did not and when I went back to Cricket they said they don't come with a manual!! So did you get one or not? I kinda thought they sold me a phone somebody returned as broken, not realizing it didn't have a user's manual in it.

10. susieqcherry

Posts: 2; Member since: Apr 01, 2009

I also wonder if you got a user's manual in your box when you bought the v3s. I did not have one, but the box was opened when they brought it to me. I figured they sold me a phone someone returned as broken--without realizing that it didn't have the book in it. When I went to cricket about the manual, they said they don't come with one! It kinda figures, because the book states that the warranty requires the information that is contained in the manual itself to be valid!

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