Motorola ROKR E6 is real

Motorola ROKR E6 is real

The FCC page cleared that the ROKR E6 model of MotorĂ®la is real: the new music-oriented phone is a successor of the E680 and its internal model is Motorola E690; it has large touch display and runs on the Linux operating system, the E680 did. The front is dominated by its big touch display and below it are a few RAZR-styled keys and navigation-pad. The back houses 2-megapixel camera with macro switch, while on the left side is situated SD slot for memory expansion.

Motorola E690 ROKR E6

Features of the E690 ROKR E6 phone include:

  • Tri-band GSM
  • Linux operating system
  • Touch display
  • Multimedia players; FM radio
  • 2-megapixel camera
  • SD slot for memory

The phone operates in 900/1800/1900 MHz GSM networks which means it is not fully compatible with US networks, just as it was with its predecessor.

Source: FCC


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1. Ev unregistered

great phone. i got it march of 2006 and had everyones attention. amazing camera. its only 2.0 but it looks juss as good as Digital in the sunlight (because it doesnt have flash DUH) i also have a SLVR L7 and paid the same price for both of them (except i got the SLVR a year before that and that gave me atteniton also) its a smart phone so you can edit picture on the phone, it has an amazing business card reader. it holds thousands of messages. the screen does scratch the speaker phone and sound quality is great. the media player is RealPlayer andu can 'seek' track so u can go from beginning to middle to end without having to listen to the whole song. it plays all types of songs interms of kbps unlike the SLVR 2GB memory is more than enough space for me. i have had 3 SLVR L7's and this ROKR E6 is amazing. twhen viewing photos, it can but put to slide show setting, and u tap the photo and it goes bigger. videos are clearNow the flaws, the camera makes noise unless you have headphone on... when its charging, it rings loud even if u put it to vibratw (something the SLVR doesnt lack in) there is only like 7MB of memory on the phone itself. there is no screen saver. the background photo size cant be adjusted. not many backgrounds to choose from. lame ring tones. if you lose your stylus your screwed. small keyboard for typing messages... and is only triband and i cant use it in my house cause its a new area and the reception suck on my street. there are more flaws but i cant think of them right now.

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