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Motorola Q Global now available with AT&T

Motorola Q Global now available with AT&T
Motorola Q Global now available with AT&T
50 days after it first appeared over the AT&T site, the Motorola Q Global, or the carrier’s variant of the Q9h, is now available for purchase. For $300 after rebate and with two-year contract you’ll get yourself the Windows Mobile 6 Standard smartphone with QVGA landscape display, wonderful QWERTY, HSDPA and integrated GPS.

For the holidays, the MOTO Q global is available for $200 with contract and after rebates. After the time-limited promotion ends, it will be available for $100 more.

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:41

1. (unregistered)

too bad that the internal gps will only work with telenav

posted on 01 Nov 2007, 19:58

2. someoen (unregistered)

From what I saw playing with a prototype that a rep showed me it appeared that googlemaps worked fine.

posted on 02 Nov 2007, 15:52

3. (unregistered)

google maps and windows live maps will work but any third party navigation softwares, such as tom tom or gamin, will not work.

posted on 02 Nov 2007, 21:58

4. EvilHomer (unregistered)

According to Garmin website, the Garmin XT is compatible with the Q9h Global without an external GPS receiver. I haven't tried it myself, but I almost bought it. Guess I need to snoop around a little to see if anyone has had any luck with it.

posted on 05 Nov 2007, 10:20

5. t (unregistered)

phone pricing is way to much, and the operating system is almost identical to tge samsung blackjack, the feel of the phone is to bulky and does not fit right in your hand like other pda's such as the treo or blackjack, if you like this phone i sugest either getting the blackjack or waiting on the blackjack 2...nothing about this phone stands out and i doubt this phone will sell at all.

posted on 06 Nov 2007, 08:39

6. (unregistered)

the phone will sell on its global capacity. Other than that Q's suck on a regular basis.

posted on 06 Nov 2007, 09:56

7. t (unregistered)

i agree but then again i would rather pay the same amount and get a blackberry 8820 instead of this...motorola should stick to making razr phones. leave the pda's to the big boys

posted on 07 Nov 2007, 19:44

8. 40K (unregistered)

I have the Blackjack and love it.. but the Q9h is hands down a better phone! the reception is fabulous, the speakers are the loudest I've ever heard on on a cell phone.. IT'S CRAZY! I even tried the AT&T Tilt for a few weeks before the Q - It was awful... No battery at all, backlight stayed on all the time, etc. I give the Q9 Global three thumbs up.. I've had it since last Thursday and it just keeps amazing me the more I use it. I miss the look of the Tilt's Win Mobile 6 Pro, but Motorola/AT&T did good with this one

posted on 20 Nov 2007, 16:21

9. (unregistered)

Not true, someone already got Tom Tom 6 GPS on the Q9H, google it.

posted on 17 Feb 2008, 14:03

10. Regulate (unregistered)

So many people talk about things before they know that they are right. 1.Telenav is a service compatible with cell phones. It is just an option. 2. the 8820 is a lot less user friendly on the entertainment side. It is also hard to load certain types of files from your browser. Most sites are limited to where and what applications you can buy/downlaod as well. If you haven't seen/used/toyed with the Q9, then don't refer back to a RIM device becasue you know that they are the "Nike" of smartphone/pda's. But, the comment on the blackjack 2 is right. That phone is one of the most user friendly smartphones, it's fun and and the price is right. Back to the comment on the blackberry, the only place where RIM has it down is their ability to organize contacts/address book, some versions of Email, and the way it sync's

posted on 17 Feb 2008, 14:06

11. Regulate (unregistered)

RIM is legit though, don't get me wrong

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