Motorola Krave ZN4 officially announced

Motorola Krave ZN4 officially announced
In a video presentation (looking more as a user-manual), Motorola finally announced the Krave ZN4, its full touch model for Verizon Wireless. Although we knew almost everything, here are a few words about it. The Krave ZN4 features a Ming-like form-factor, with large touchscreen and transparent cover over it. The interesting thing is that even when the flip is closed, it can be pressed to control the phone.

The Krave is advertised as a multimedia-friendly model, with support for mobile TV. It also features 2MP camera, stereo Bluetooth, 3.5mm headphones jack, microSD memory slot and HTML browser. Accelerometer is present to rotate the screen depending on the orientation, which is handy when you want to go to landscape mode, to use the on-screen QWERTY for example. Motorola Krave ZN4 is now available with Verizon Wireless for $150 after a Rebate and a contract.

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1. unregistered

that flip is the dumbest thing ever. kutgw, motorola!

38. Me unregistered

This phone is hot, but the bullshit browser ruins it! I weas going to get it until I saw the browser. No wonder it was hard to find anything on it. The browser is not even as good as the Dare and that was BS. These companies have to understand, i's NOT the touchscreen, it's not the video - it's the BROWSER that makes the ipPhone strong, along with it's design and graphic capability. These companies need to stop coming up with touchscreen devices thinking that is what make the iPhone hot. I wil wait for the BB Storm. If that browser does not do it, I will switch to ATT. VZW keeps BSing on WI-FI and web browsers. Stop being a snob and give the people what they want or the people will go where they can get it. WHo cares about "the most reliable network" if you have the worst phones?

40. unregistered

Who cares about the "most reliable network"? Hmm, let's bout a business who depends on that reliable to get his data back and forth to the office. How bout someone traveling alone who don't want to have to worry about whether or not their phone will get a signal if a emergency arises. Only a bafoon would choose a "cool" phone over a reliable network. I don't give a damn about the iPhone's browser if it works on a crappy network. Sure, the Krave's browser might not be perfect, but that does not means it's a crappy phone. Let's be honest, the whole responsive touch screen thing and multimedia functions are what makes the iPhone a top seller ... NOT the browser (although it helps). Who the hell wants to buy a 3G iphone on a network that has very little 3G? I believe Moto is finally trying to get back to the top of the heap and this is a nice place to start. I played with the Krave's HTML browser and I honestly don't see what the problem is .... only that it's slightly less responsive than other touch screen phones like the Dare. Wifi? Who cares? VZW's network is over 65% 3G now so most people aren't concerned about WiFi. Why would I bother using the WiFi when I have hi speed access on most of the network? But you go right ahead on over to AT&T and have fun with your cool-looking device without a good signal. Oh...that's right ..... you don't care about coverage. As long as it has a cool browser.

41. unregistered

I don't know if people actually understand the concept of blackberry devices, but you need a data plan to get one... ergo, no need for WI-FI. And the Storm will be equipped with an Opera browser, you can also download Opera Mini, both are comparible to Safari. Oh and your comment "WHo cares about "the most reliable network" if you have the worst phones?" is absurd. The network is the most important aspect of a phone, because guess what, making phone calls has priority over watching videos. Think of this, what purpose does having a Ferrari serve if the road you are driving on is unreliable?

51. unregistered

Very good ananolgy

56. unregistered

The Krave Is Probably the worst phone i have ever held. It has some cool features and some great design elements. But seriously all of you people on her saying its so good or how sweet it is? Have any of you ever held a phone before? This phone Is a glorified paper weight. This is classic Moto people Pretty good design great concept and HORRRRRIBLE Execution!!! All i have to say is Try and text on it! Try and use the full QWERTY keyboard with the flip in the way. All those looking to buy a Krave you paying money for a 2 year long nightmare!!!!!!!

57. Me unregistered

BS. If VZW's network was so great, then how come when travle throughout the Tri-state area (NY/NJ/CT) where the bars are at the highest level possible, my phone dies for the rest of the night and they don't have answer? They keep talking about their network as if the comp sucks. If the comp sucked, no one would be with them! VZW has to buy a company to get a leg up, which is not a true inidcation of what they are about. True, VZW makes you buy a data plan with Blackberries so WI-FI is not truly needed, but it is because it can be faster than these bullshit network speeds. All companies keep talking "3G" like it means something ot the average person. It is not that fast. The Krave's browser is far from perfect - it is like the ones on the Razor! That is something that should not be. That was the deal breaker for me. It is a shame. They take the time to innovate only blow because of a bullshit browser. I admit, a browser should not or is not the most important feature on a phone for me, but if their is one on there it had better at least give me the internet like it should be. No one wants a hlaf-assed internet where you cannot even make out what's going on. I cannot believe VZW even tries to sell shit like that. When I am in a store, I would like to go on a real website to compare prices. You cannot do that on a "Mobile Web." Again, for the iPhone - it's the browser, not the damned touchscreen. The TC only aids in it having a larger screen, cheaper build and nicer appearance. It is also a shame that there are so many imposters out there who make phones and they cannot even come close, but Apple never made a phone before and built the best. This Storm had better be right or I will delay no longer and I wil get an iPhone.

60. unregistered

You're bashing Verizon for buying a company? ..At&t and cingular did what? sounds like good buisness strategy to me. oh yea.

61. Clouce unregistered

The Black Barry Storm will require a $30 data package. Verizon does not use WiFi because the way cell phone internet is progressing WiFi will be phased out. I use my VZW internet on my Voyager and I used to own and iPhone. As pretty and awesome the iPhone was it still wasn't able to pull a usable speed.... But to each his own. Don't hold your breath on the WiFi thing Verizon wont get it.

64. unregistered

Hmmm...very lame comment here. I happen to live in that same tri state area and I frequently go back and forth between NJ and Brooklyn. No loss of bars, no quick loss of battery life. Now I already know VZW batteries run down faster than GSM batteries because CDMA can handle a larger volume ( hence, fewer dropped calls ) of simultaneous use of the towers. But I don't charge my battery HALF as frequently as you are claiming ... and no one I know does either. You just have a bad phone and need a software flash, new battery, or prayer. Of course they are gonna talk about their network. The backbone of any company is how they appeal to major businesses throughout the country .... NOT to some bratty ass kid who happens to want a cool phone and mommy and daddy to pay for it. Professional studies were already done to test network reliability and guess who has always won THAT category? You wouldn't sell a car and talk only about its comfortable seats and nice bodywork would you? Then again, YOU WOULD!!!!! And buying another company isn't trying to "get a leg up" , lame-brain!!! It's good business...something you obviously know nothing about. The comp may not "suck" ( I beg to differ with Sprint ) but VZW has the most "net adds" of any cellco in the U.S. this year. Sounds to me like the people have spoken. Please don't get me started on the WiFi issue. Verizon will be moving to LTE anyways ... which is just as fast if not faster than well as more secure. The cool thing is that's it's backwards compatible with CDMA. I messed with the Krave and browser isn't as bad as people make it out to be. It's still just a PHONE ...NOT a PDA!!! Although HTML is advertised, most cell manufacturers are still gonna have the WAP browser as underlying code in their browser. The thing it lacks is native support for Java, and Flash ... so yeah, most sites are not gonna do what they are supposed to do like they do on a PC ...but again, it's not a PDA. The browser is not the so-called "innovative" part of the phone's the design which is based on their Ming model. A clear flip that not only protects the touchscreen but still allows you to access the touchscreen when closed. THAT'S innovative. Again, it is NOT the browser that makes the iPhone what is ... whether you wanna believe that or not. It's the TouchFLo technology that they perfected but did not create ( see Prada and earlier WinMo phones ). The TouchFlo makes the browser..NOT the other way around. About the only thing different in the iPhone's browser is Flash support.....THAT'S IT!!!! When Apple advertised ( heavily ) the iPhone, it was the touchscreen that sold people on evident in their early commercials. And like I mentioned earlier, there were plenty of touch screen phones before the iPhone saw the light of day so who's the real IMPOSTER??!! I will still get the Storm over the iPhone whether it's right or not ... simply because it does too many things the iPhone CAN'T. Picture and Video messaging, reliable network that actually has a lot of 3G on it, removable battery, name it.... not to mention Blackberry's highly touted software. But you go on and get yourself a headstart and head on over to AT&T. It's on a crappy network but hey, at least your battery won't wear down so fast.

65. Me unregistered

You are wrong. As is the case with Apple's simple ads, it just showed that you touch it which was cool to many, but they STRESSED "...not part of the internet - the actual internet!" They advertise the internet as the main FEATURE and the touchscreen as the main function. Everyone I speak to about the iPhone who has it says it is the browser! They like everything else, but people want the inernet that looks like the internet, not a BS Mobile Web. You sound like you work for VZW since you are reaching to find something that the iPhone cannot do and the Storm can. Like I wrote before, all of the cell phone manufacturers in the WORLD have tried, and they thought it was the touchscreen but it is the SAFARI BROWSER that make the iPhone kick! Others have created touchscreens, but how come they are not as big? Others include an "HTML" browser, but it does not compare to the iPhone and they are not as large. Now VZW is looking for an "iPhone killer," why? They know the iPhone is the hottest phone on the market right now. It is like Nintendo hating on Grand Theft Auto 4. We all know it's mind-bowing and Nintendo know's it's mind-blowing, but they put it down. Why? It is because they don't have it and, even if they did, the Wii cannot even come close to matching the graphical power of the XBOX 360 or PS3. If they got it, they would praise it of course. VZW is clealry still trying to look for an iPhone because they know that many subcribers jumped ship just to get that phone. VZW may have the "most reliable network," but their phone are the whackest of all carriers. I still wonder why that is. All other carriers have hot phone from MANY comapnies and in many different colors. VZW only seems to have LG, Samsung and RIM. LG and Samsung make cheap looking and feeling phones in my opinion and they best don't seem to come with VZW. Maybe their arrogance has led them to believe that they do not need hot phones? They clearly want one now. Also, none of these mobile browsers do Flash and that is the real problem. I also have ot point out another thing that makes the iPhone kick. It has a video processor that helps to make it more PC (or Mac..) like. This is why the graphics are crisp, clean, detailed and smooth. Eventually someone may match the iPhone, but then, only Apple will have to outdo it.

66. unregistered

First, Apple advertised the iPhone as being the newly innovative touch screen phone with TouchFLo technology ( old technology at the time, by the way ) and that's what made people want it. The whole "the internet looks like the internet" moniker didn't show up until their third commercial. Check the archives. The fact that you can zoom in, and move pages around with your finger has more to do with TouchFlo that the actual browser...hence, the TouchFlo makes the browser, NOT the other way around. You can add the same technology to any WinMo device via Handango and other third party developer sites and they will do the same thing. I know. I have the XV6800 and it works just fine. Again, the only thing those browser don't have is native Flash support ( which can be overcome using SilverLight ). No, I don't work for VZW, but a family member does. I wish I worked for them...believe me I do. I'm looking for things that BB can do and the iPhone can't because I ( like millions of others ) already know the differences. An expensive camera phone that doesn't do MMS is unacceptable. No insurance? For shame. 3G capability on a network that has little 3G? Aye carumba. No removable battery? Tsk, tsk. Other phone makers have tried ....and SUCCEEDED... in the attempt to make touch screen phones. Really... are you kidding me with the "how come the others are not as big" comment? Prada ( by LG ) was a MAJOR hit in Europe but didn't make it to the states because no cellco wanted to pay the price for a designer name. Palm OS is another major touchscreen service that had major success as well as earlier WinMo devices. Safari browser were actually installed on some early versions of HTC WinMo devices but didn't see the light of day because they lacked the TouchFlo technology. The browser was GREAT, the touchscreen was lousy ... so it never made it to America. Read up. The Nintendo analogy is HORRIBLE. Grand Theft Auto, although popular and one of my favorite franchises, is NOT a graphical "forward step" for video games. Honestly man, you could have picked a better game for your argument. GTA still looks the same as it did during its PS2 days. And Nintendo can have the best hardware in the world and they still won't get GTA because Nintendo is considered the G-Rated console of the big three. Again, READ UP!!!! I doubt VZW is looking for the iPhone because it was originally offered to them. They turned it down FLAT!!! Too many issues and the cronies that bought the first iPhone found that out the hard way. Really, I can't believe you said the phones VZW have suck. They have had some of the coolest phones on the market ....LGvx9700, 9400, Chocolate 3, Voyager, Flipshot, Krave, the list goes on. And nope, you're wrong ...AGAIN!!! People aren't "jumping ship" to get an iPhone. Did you even bother to read my previous post? Did you not see where it mentions that VZW has the most net adds to date? The only idiots jumping ship ( like I also mentioned earlier ) are kids want a phone for its "cool" factor ... NOT reliability. The strongest companies in the world cater to big corporations ...NOT kids. It's corporations that buy thousands of phones with a company and are worried more about service and reliability than whether or not the browser is cool or if it can download songs from iTunes. As for them wanting hot I said earlier...already there. But think about your ignorance for a minute. You keep making a stink about a HOT phone. Who cares if it has service issues? It's like buying a car with a bad axle, bad transmission, poor gas mileage, and the brakes are worn ...but hey, at least it has cool racing stripes and a killer sound system, right? I would love to make you look like a fool for your last comment but you did me the honor of doing it for me when you mentioned it's "computer" like attribute ( or Mac ). And you were comparing the Krave to it? I told you before... Krave = dumbphone, iPhone = Smartphone. Two separate categories. Thanks for making my point. Don't preach to me about the iPhone's cool factor. Truly, the touchscreen ( and the browser...ok? ) is all it's really good for. I will throw the accelerator in there for good measures but seriously ... people who jump ship to another carrier because is cool looking are idiots anyway. These are the same people that if someone says a hat with a fruit basket on it is cool, they'll run to get that hat.

67. Me unregistered

You work for them as you are too much into the BS. I never said anything about the zoom, but that was a wow factor too, but I mentioned the browser. The browser looks like the internet that you get at home and no VZW phone can come close, exceot the Dare and it's web was unacceptable to me. Now granted, if there were no web on a phone, then VZW would not be put down by me. SO the iphone cannot instant messege, who care? VZW phones lack Wi-Fi - people DO care about that NOW. You manipulation of my words to fit VZW propganda is laughable. No phone on the market can match the iPhone. I hate Apple, but the iphone is hot! VZW can stick with the "it's the network," but for the average person, it's the phones. VZW COULD have had the iphone, but VZW did not want to follow Apple's rules so they ost out. The GTA analogy is on point. If you think GTA4 is not a graphical leap, then you are sick! From the moment you turn it on you knew that you saw graphics never before seen and never beofre imagined could exist and still be fun. Don't confuse gameplay with graphics... The iPhone is what's up right now. The Storm will make a dent and help VZW stave off defectors including myself, but it is no iphone. From what I have read about it, the VZW network is slow when it comes to downloading pages on the Storm. Pity.

68. unregistered

You, my friend, are a complete idiot .... I should say that with a capital "I". No, I do NOT work for VZW, I just give credit where credit is due. For years I've actually been a loyal customer of Sprint ... so no touting VZW's service there. You say " no VZW phone comes close" to the HTML browser showcased by the iPhone. Let me stress what you PHONE. The Krave, Dare, Glyde, etc. are just PHONES. The iPhone is a PDA....PDA!!!!!!!!! VZW's PDAs DO in fact have HTML browsers that ( tadaaa) look just like the desktop version. Once again, I have the xv6800 so I know. Verizon's PHONES lack WiFi?? Of course they do, they are PHONES!!! My xv6800, which is a PDA, does indeed have does the i760, the xv6900, and the Curve and Treo wx. Why? Because they are PDAs...just like the iPhone. Please, for once try to separate the two. Nobody expects the Krave, Dare, or any other dumbphone to compete with the iPhone or any other PDA. And NO, most people are content with their normal wireless signal rather than finding a "hotspot". Who cares about MMS? Hmmm, let's see. How about the "over 5,000" iPhone users who returned their device with two weeks after launch simply because of this feature ( or lack thereof ). I'm pretty sure they appreciated that hefty 10% restock fee for doing so, as well. And no, it's not propaganda I'm spitting out. For the average person below the age of 23 it may be about the phone, but the mass market is 25 and over ... and yes, they DO care about THE NETWORK!!! Even the under 23 crowd gets sick of the "cool" phone really quick if service is horrible. But it's good to know that there are so many mindless cronies that base something just on looks. VZW didn't turn down Apple just because of control issues. Apple didn't wanna work with insuring their device and there were waaayyyy too many bugs with it. For the first five months it was out, there were software patch after software patch for the iPhone. Having a non removable battery was unacceptable as well. I like the fact that I can walk into VZW and get myself a battery for my device and NOT have to ship it back to the company to do so. Not a smart investment in my book. And while you are still sucking on the Safari browser's nuts, keep in mind that HTC's Touch Diamond and Touch Pro are absolutely phenomenal when it comes to their web browser. They just don't advertise their products like everybody else. VZW turning down the iPhone was a good move. So riddle me this ... if turning down the iPhone, a so-called killer cool device, was a bad move for VZW, how come the company still leads in net adds? Hmmm, lemme think. That's it!!! People are more concerned about SERVICE !!!! But I have to admit, for its hefty price, the iPhone has a nice camera. You should take a picture and send it to my phone so I can .... oh wait, that's right ... the iPhone CAN'T DO THAT!!!! Even the cheap ass Samsung u340 ( a phone with no other feature than a camera ) can send picture messages. GTA...way off point ...AGAIN. Nope, no graphical leap. If you are referring to the "cut scenes" then you are a dope. The cut scenes are the ONLY thing graphically superior to earlier versions. But you don't PLAY the cut scenes, do ya? The "in-game" graphics spell PS2 to me. Most net adds, most net add, most net adds. How many times to I have to say that? Do you read everything in my post BUT that????? The iPhone franchise has been around for almsot two years now but VZW continues to lead in new customers. How can that be???? But you say the BB Storm is "no iPhone". Finally, we agree ( sarcasm ). And please, don't talk about slow downloads. The iPhone really operates mostly on AT&T's slow EDGE network since there is very little 3G coverge with them. Even your precious Safari browser can't do anything about THAT!!!! Downloading anything on iPhone's browser?? I guess you better find a WiFi spot. Downloading things on the iPhone is equivalent to watching paint dry. Imagine that .... I'm walking down the street and all of a sudden, I have the urge to download something from the Mobile Web or Internet Explorer. I just load it up and get my app. You're walking down the street and you want something from the iPhone's App Store. You just load it up and ... oops....sorry, forgot. You need a hotspot to do that. No wonder the iPhone is WiFi capable.

69. Me unregistered

Write what you want to, but you are clearly on the payroll. I have tried ALL VZW PDAs' and NONE of them do HTML like the iPhone. They all do HTML, but in it's most primative form. Until these companies get it right, the iPhone will conitue to be king.

70. unregistered

Bottom line is that if you are in your 20's, with very little life experience, smoke pot, or are all about fads and fashion, then you will buy an iPhone- these people dont care about browers and signals. On the other hand, if you're smart about your purchases, are concerned more with utility of such device and economics, you'll go Blackberry. I just was at Wendy's and saw some dumbass cashier with an iPhone.

2. Legion unregistered

The top flip is atrocious, it would have been a good idea if not for it making it impossible to use the touch-screen keyboard. You have to contort your left thumb in a unusual fashion to be able to hit the keys. Other than that, a standard voyager clone.

12. unregistered

More complaining----get thee hence.... The phone will dominate the mix!

3. Legion unregistered

Bye-bye Motorola, time to take you out back old yeller style.......

33. unregistered

I dont think motorola is dying in any way.... I work for a phone retailer and we sell more motorolas than any other. the W755 is an awsome phone. Maybe its the fact that I sell a lot of phones to people that live in fringe areas for which motorolas still have the best reception in these areas. Yea this looks like an odd phone but you never know sometimes that kind of thing is what becomes popular if done right.

58. unregistered

I feel sorry for your customers

4. unregistered

I actually like the flip, nice protector for the phone's screen plus it looks cool. Texting sideways actually anyone who hasn't tried it should shut the hell up...whatever though, it's the internet.

5. Legion unregistered

Maybe you should be the one to shut the hell up, I have this phone and texting sideways is indeed impossible. The flip prevents your left thumb from reaching the top left hand of the keyboard. The internet is not the place for you to look to others to validate your shitty purchases. "Oh it makes calls!! It flips, text messages, takes pictures, and plays music! This phone is the best one out!" Thats what you tards sound like, have an opinion for god's sake.

11. unregistered

Can you say BOO-HOO? Get a longer thumb! This phone rocks!

14. Legion unregistered

Im positive I have a normal sized thumb, so how much does motorola pay you to troll on cell phone boards? Is it a fulfilling profession?

15. T-Money3000 unregistered

LOL. I think their opinion IS that it's a good phone. Sooo... not sure what you're trying to instigate.

18. unregistered

This positive person with the normal sized thumb and - yet smaller I.Q. just wants to argue! The Motorola Krave accomplishes something few other cell phones do: it's unique, easy to use, and it performs well.

22. elgee02 unregistered

I dunno, I am your average right handed male, and I had zero, yes ZERO problems or issues texting on this device. The touch screen is responsive and accurate as well. I am still gonna wait for the storm, but this is a pretty darn good effort from Moto, I was impressed.

24. Legion unregistered

You must be joking, I would rather have a broken glyde than this piece of s***. Yeah, I know, a statement of opinion means im looking for a fight, seems like you get your kicks out of trying to belittle people on a cell phone board. I pity you.

25. unregistered

This is yet another reason most of us hate moto, I mean the Software is too laggy when comapred to anything LG has out for big red. Moto is Chapter 11 in your future?? After handling this phone...... it is looking more, and more possible. I just don't understand when way back to the E815 was amazing now just dissapointment after dissapointment! As in the words of Anchorman I hate you Ron.... I mean Motorola!

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