Motorola DROID RAZR hits Verizon's system chock full of big time specs

What upcoming thin LTE enabled handset has just hit Verizon's equipment infocenter? That's right, it is the Motorola DROID RAZR and plenty of Verizon customers with an update to burn can't decide between this and the Samsung GALAXY Nexus...
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82. roscuthiii

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The Nexus is still in the lead for me. It may not have an SD card slot (which really put me off at first) but I think if I manage to somehow fill it up the memory that there are enough data transfer/sync solutions out there to overlook it. However, if I had the Razr and managed to drain my battery with not power source available... well then I'd just be SOL. Plus the Razr still has a locked boot loader even though Motorola stated they'd stop doing that. Add to that the Razr is coming with Blur and may have some Verizon installed bloatware on it while the Nexus is supposedly pure Google. I think I just completely convinced myself to go Nexus now but I don't even plan on upgrading until February so I'll be keeping an eye on reviews and future developments.

83. protozeloz

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you probably will be capable of plugging a USB stick to it with an adapter and it will read it, maybe not an SD card but can hold some stuff and transfer some files

84. zeke117

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this is a great device, i'm an iphone owner, but i'm thinking about getting an android phone. with ICS. the UI looks amazing and hopefully will be smoother than gingerbread. but i think that the razr will be faster than the SGnexux.

89. remixfa

Posts: 14605; Member since: Dec 19, 2008

ill give you an exellent reason why id never go with a non-removable battery. My vibrant battery had a cell that was gonig bad.. my exellent battery life turned to junk. Anyways, instead of having to ship it back to samsung or take it to a repair shop and pay for all that muck, i was able to get my hands on a galaxy4g battery for super duper cheap. So not only do I now have a new battery and a back up for pennies, the galaxy4g battery actually holds more juice than the vibrant battery does. free upgrade. (1650 mAh vs 1500 mAh)

107. Sniggly

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And for me the lack of removable memory is killer because with an SD card it's so much easier to transfer files like music and pictures

115. remixfa

Posts: 14605; Member since: Dec 19, 2008

cloud storage has killed most of my uses of memory cards. Google+ automatically uploads every picture for me, and all my music is on G-Music. I have a few movies on the card.. and some random songs. thats about it. Where I once filled a 16 gig in like an hour, i now run on about 4 gigs or less. Tmobile's high speed 3g/4g means its all instant. even on my 3g vibrant. :)

124. protozeloz

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Though it was only me. my change from memory to cloud has taken some time but sure has reduced, because most my stuff is on the cloud being uploaded daily.

101. MotoFan619

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Corning Gorilla Glass? Check! Kevlar weave back plate? Check! Stainless steel chassy? Check! Nano-tech splash-guard coating? Check! Slimmest form factor I've ever seen so far? Check! Dual core CPU? Check! LTE radio? Hell yeah check! ICS? Eventually. Moto-Blur? I'm actually a fan of the latest rendition of the Blur UI. Seems like this is it for me! :-) Not a huge fan of curved form factors and plastic armor... Sorry Sammy :-(

109. zeke117

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104. mapo12

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Bluetooth 4 vs NFC: I am told that you can almost do everything NFC does with Bluetooth 4. There is a reason why more and more companies are choosing Bluetooth 4 over NFC (including Apple, Motorola etc.). Besides it is a single chip that takes care of all your wireless communication (ie. headset, sync, health monitoring, credit card payment etc.) needs instead of having both NFC and bluetooth. Lower power consumption. RAZR not having NFC does not bother me but having physical buttons does...after all the new operating system creates virtual buttons depending on the needs. However, I am told that if you do have a phone that has physical buttons then it will not show up. So in RAZR the virtual buttons will not show up. Regarding RAZR getting the update few months down may be a blessing in disguise as I am told ICS is still not stable enough. Hopefully it will be more stable by the time RAZR gets an update.

110. DigitalMD

Posts: 226; Member since: Feb 17, 2010

Yawnnnnnn.... Blip blippp. Hey ve-rrippoff... show us a real unlimited data deal and we will be excited. otherwise it's just a shiny new paperweight. Blah HUmmbug.


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You know another thing we hate about apple fanboys, all of us *fandroids* have admitted and have said good things about apple and the iPhone. However you do not say anything good about Android. Its always bashing and not one single positive remark. That's why we don't like you, you can love apple all you want but Android is not the piece of s**t you claim it to be. Maybe if you didn't act like assholes all the time we wouldn't bash apple so much.

121. Sniggly

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Once in a blue moon I'll see Taco say something nice about Android. It ain't often though. And it usually seems grudging and forced.

128. gallitoking

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same here.. i have never read anything you have given credit to Apple.. is not in your nature... only in geek land were you guys take to personal... even Samsung and apple are having dinner together besides their lawsuits and you geeks all mad.. lol...... idiots....

130. Sniggly

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Excuse me? Did you just say you have never read anything where I've given credit to Apple? You are so full of s**t it's not even funny anymore, Gallito. Are you really asking for me to spend some time and embarrass you with undeniable fact?

131. taco50

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136. protozeloz

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Over a year from now? android 1.6? wow.....

133. Packer29

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Imagine that another android phone realese with Super Specs and its the best until next week what a joke i am glad i went back to IOS i have had enough with buggy battery draining glitchy android phones.

134. superguy

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I read thru this thread and I'm quite surprised to see the lack of complaints about the locked bootloader. While the removable battery sucks, I think the locked bootloader is a bigger issue (at least for me). I prefer running completely customized loads. So far, unless a hack is found to unlock the bootloader, there can be no custom kernels. I know unlocking isn't an easy process, at least on the Verizon side. They're still trying to unlock the Bionic's bootloader. Bottom line is between the Razr and the Galaxy Nexus, there are things I don't like about both phones. We also haven't heard much about the Vigor/Rezound. So for now, I'm in wait and see mode.

135. 2fasst

Posts: 6; Member since: Oct 05, 2011

SD CARD is a must! It allows me to backup security sensitive information to the SDCARD, rather than backing up to the cloud (ie Dropbox)
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