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Motorola DROID 3 drops to $99.99, makes you really wonder how much the DROID 4 will cost

0. phoneArena posted on 16 Jan 2012, 10:26

Now that’s all fine and dandy making the DROID 3 more than buyable at this point, but it does kind of allude to the pricing we might see with the Motorola DROID 4. Although we managed to get some hands-on time at CES with the upcoming device, Big Red has been hush...

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posted on 16 Jan 2012, 11:27

1. KingKurogiii (Posts: 5713; Member since: 23 Oct 2011)

the Droid 4 will probably go for $200 right along with the Spectrum, the Rezound & the Droid Razr. this means the Bionic should stay at $150.

posted on 16 Jan 2012, 11:43 3

2. doubleD (Posts: 78; Member since: 13 Dec 2010)

If you don't live in a 4G area, or don't need it, $100 for the Droid 3 is a steal.

posted on 16 Jan 2012, 11:46 2

3. John.V (Posts: 99; Member since: 27 May 2011)

Anything more that $200 would be the kiss of death for this beloved line. 'Tis a shame it doesn't have the same presence as the original one. Then again, they can pull something crazy to make it super appealing. Goes to show...

posted on 16 Jan 2012, 13:55 2

6. biophone (Posts: 1994; Member since: 15 Jun 2011)

Well a lot of people do like a physical keyboard so maybe at a price of $250 it could still be competitive. I am interested if they made the keyboard more solid if so I believe this phone is right in line with the other top phones.The specs are all very good. I like this phone for the 4 inch screen(a good size) and keyboard.

Btw the article has a typo.
"On the other hand, it they were to bring this at an aggressive $200, there’s enough space to warrant a purchase for it."

posted on 16 Jan 2012, 11:53

4. android1234 (Posts: 169; Member since: 09 Feb 2010)

I think when more models change to 4g lte, then the typical 299.99 price wouldn't hold as much for newer phone because 4g would be a common feature now.

posted on 16 Jan 2012, 13:55 1

5. DROIDX0430 (Posts: 469; Member since: 24 Nov 2010)

People...the d4 already has a MAp

posted on 16 Jan 2012, 13:57

7. DROIDX0430 (Posts: 469; Member since: 24 Nov 2010)

Of $249.00. You all must not be doing your homework...AGAIN

posted on 16 Jan 2012, 14:02 2

8. DROIDX0430 (Posts: 469; Member since: 24 Nov 2010)

Vw is gonna hold on to that $299 figure or more forever...its not going back down...just like gas....just like the price of gas...noway should we be paying over 3 bucks a gallon for gas...should be 2 dollars or less...but we refuse to change oir habits and pay pay pay for gas...no matter what...same thing applies here..just a different commodity of wants and needs....i gotta have that Nexus because its new..lte..samsung...ics..big. beautiful...light..flagship. vice needs..why change the price or even charge more because people will still stand outside a week in advance of any iphone launch and still pay 299 or more for phones. Thats why Apple has 85 billion in the bank...and youbare still worried about how you r going to afford that next 299 dollar upgrade.

posted on 17 Jan 2012, 06:29

12. Firedrops (Posts: 249; Member since: 06 Sep 2011)

Please don't triple post, and please do organize your post properly and not ramble on and on pointlessly. By the way, the ellipsis is not the only punctuation that exists in the English language.

posted on 16 Jan 2012, 14:17 2

9. Jimstar (Posts: 259; Member since: 24 Oct 2011)

Kiss of death? Thats a little excessive don't you think? If the Droid Charge could sell at $300 when it came out, this should be able to move for $250 now that people have become accustomed to Verizon's prices.

posted on 16 Jan 2012, 18:19

10. CellularNinja (Posts: 306; Member since: 27 Sep 2011)

Probably $299.00 on contract. Unfortunately that seems to be the new norm, at least with Verizon. In my opinion it's absurd.

posted on 17 Jan 2012, 00:15

11. pathmarkpolice (Posts: 102; Member since: 05 Feb 2009)

It's criminal that wireless providers charge so much for phones that are on contract. With data, the average verizon wireless customers pays about 70 a month, minimum. They are making $1680 over the course of two years, at least, from every person who buys a phone, that money is guaranteed. I don't know why they charge $200 for some phones on contract and get away with it.

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