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Motorola DROID 2 R2-D2 Special Edition priced with September 30th launch date

0. phoneArena posted on 27 Sep 2010, 12:51

The limited edition Star Wars version of the DROID 2 will feature special ringtones, wallpapers, clock widget, video and binoculars app...

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:48

1. hawk62 (Posts: 320; Member since: 21 Nov 2009)

Another great PA story. What is the price OFF contract? Also, if you read the info on the R2-D2 phone. It states "it is a special edition of the droid 2. The specs are for the standard droid 2" I would think that leaves it open as to what are the specs of the R2-D2 phone. They could easily put a 1.2ghz in it.

posted on 27 Sep 2010, 15:44

2. butters (unregistered)

More importantly...why would they release this and STILL not have it be a World Phone..maybe just maybe then it would be a must have item. Not much of a phone for travel to a galaxy far far away if it only works in the US/Canada. Come on Verizon get with the times. the world is not flat! Just another phone from them I'll pass on b/c it's limited in that regard.

posted on 27 Sep 2010, 16:46

6. trin (Posts: 88; Member since: 11 May 2010)

While I do agree that it makes no sense why out of 9 android devices, none of them are FULLY global. Their is CDMA coverage in many parts of the world except for the majority of Europe. But like you I see no reason other than being a fan/collector/ to purchase this model.

posted on 27 Sep 2010, 15:54

3. Phullofphil (Posts: 805; Member since: 10 Feb 2009)

i doubt it will have a 1.2ghz and if so is it not an over clocked version of the same chip

posted on 27 Sep 2010, 16:01

4. XxVerbalxX (unregistered)

Rather have a Spaceballs phone. Maybe special Yogurt edition....with froyo

posted on 27 Sep 2010, 16:44

5. dfhgd (unregistered)

Lol..if it was a world phone and your in a meeting in China or Japan and all the sudden your phone rings to Darth Vador talking to you!..lmao

posted on 27 Sep 2010, 16:47

7. mr. droid (Posts: 278; Member since: 21 Aug 2010)

most important of all, why in the hell does this stupid thing keep being brought up on here?? its ridiculous. starting to get the hype of the iPhone before it was released. i have an upgrade available. i should get one and sell it on craigslist the same day.. you know what, thats exactly what i am going to do. i will be back in a bit. going to go see if i can reserve one for 9/30, the morning it launches. i think i can make some money on this one.

posted on 27 Sep 2010, 18:30

8. jskrenes (Posts: 209; Member since: 11 Dec 2008)

Really, what can you do with a 1.2 gHz processor that you can't do with a 1?

posted on 27 Sep 2010, 19:40

9. Droid Lover (unregistered)

Ummm it's a star wars phone if your not a sci fi nerd you wont get it. This things going to sale out it's limited edition online only. They already gave some away on a contest to people, which ironicly are all men hummm. The global phone is coming out during the holidays duh thats when they bring out the guns black friday is a big time for new phones and sales. Once that comes out the I-phone wont have a chance anymore unless your a mac lover and care more about a name brand then a product. Sorry I had an I-phone I love my droid it's so much better.

posted on 28 Sep 2010, 00:02

10. mr. droid (Posts: 278; Member since: 21 Aug 2010)

the stores will also be getting a limited number of these faggy nerd herd geek phones. and yes, the iPile is.... just that. a pile of steaming crap.

posted on 28 Sep 2010, 07:29

11. hawk62 (Posts: 320; Member since: 21 Nov 2009)

That's it droid lover, bet against the iphone! It just keeps on beating everything. My 3gs was nicer than my droid x. Vz is working on ruining the droid line- bing, vcast app store Who the duck cares about a world phone? The world droid 2 wont sell that well

posted on 28 Sep 2010, 09:34

12. butters (unregistered)

B/c people travel. Especially those with offices around the world and BBerry's just aren't keeping up anymore. Why should one not be given quality choices with the same carrier?

posted on 28 Sep 2010, 16:18

13. pingpong (Posts: 145; Member since: 28 Mar 2010)

Nothing against Verizon though but if travel is THAT important to particular customers, I would assume they would already be on a GSM carrier rather than Verizon.

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