Motorola Adventure V750 coming July 28th

Motorola Adventure V750 coming July 28th
The Motorola Adventure V750 we first broke the cover on in April finally has a scheduled date for release.  It will be available in all channels on July 28th and will run $99.99 with a two year contract, after a $50 mail in rebate.  The Adventure is certified to Military Specifications and features a 2 megapixel camera and microSDHC expansion.  It will also usher in Verizon's next generation Push-to-Talk technology, running over the EVDO Rev. A network.  We're not exactly sure what the exact underlying issue is; it is similar to Sprint's QChat service but they own the patent to it so there are some technological differences between the two.  No word on if the G'zOne Boulder will launch at the same time, but chances are it can't be far behind.

Motorola Adventure V750 Preliminary Specifications

source: Engadget Mobile



1. unregistered

I work for vzw and we had a training on this phone and the new PTT service... the phone is actually not that bad and the PTT service is excellent. But then again it is motorola so I would expect software issues

19. peaches

Posts: 4; Member since: Jul 14, 2008

since you work for vzw, will LG be updating the voyger with voyger 2

2. unregistered

so how much is the next gen PTT anyone know or is it the 10 dollars like it is now?

33. unregistered

5 dollars unlimited but only works if your buddies are on verizon PTT as well

3. unregistered

Why does the v950 have to wait til 9/2 if the cousin is coming 7/28

4. unregistered

It's another dime a dozen crappy verizon phone. Get with it verizon!

13. unregistered

dude Verizon didn't make that phone, Motorola did! If anything blame Motorola.

5. motoman117

Posts: 15; Member since: Jun 22, 2008

man, what is so bad about this phone? if it were a frikin LG or samsung, u guys would be like "oh yah, not bad, not bad." But you just like to rip on moto b/c they arent doing well right now. Someone tell me what is so wrong with this phone? For only $100 you get verizon's PTT, EV-DO rev. A, 2 megapixel camera, 1170 mAH battery, VZ navigator, V cast music and TV, micro SD expansio, (up to 8GB), military spec, and MP3 playback! I dont like VZ, but I have been lookin forward to the launch of the V950 on sprint since march, and i jsut dont get why people HATE these 2 phones so much..

11. Carter unregistered

ok first off ive had 2 motorolla phones (V325i, and the V3m RAZR) both of them sucked.All of motorolla's phones have horrible batteries (they arent quality so you have to keep buying more of them. As well as horrible parts inside them which makes them slow slow and slower than any other lg or samsung phone ive had because of the bad expiriences ive had with motorola i dont ever want to go back. THANKS MOTOROLA BECAUSE OF THE CRAPPY PHONES I BOUGHT FROM U IVE LEARNED NEVER TO DO BUSINESS WITH U AGAIN HOPE U GET BETTER!!!!!

15. motoman117

Posts: 15; Member since: Jun 22, 2008

Ok, basically this just proved my point. First of all, you couldnt find ANYTHING wrong with this phone, the second, and funniest, is that you actually didnt name anything wrong with your phone. The FACT is that motorola actually puts better batteries in their phones! Im sure you didnt know that if a moto battery goes bad, it can be replaced, if an LG batter goes bad...tough luck! Now as far as battery quality as concerned, lets take the razr V3m. It came out in 2006 with a 740 mAH battery, the BRAND NEW samsung SCH-U550 has an 800 mAH The new moto W755 which replaced the razr has a 950 mAh battery, and the SCH-U550 is more expensive than the W755! So you are just wrong. Now, the "horrible parts inside them which makes them slow slow and slower." This comment makes me wonder why I am even arguing... It really needs no explaining. The points you made can be argued, but you dont have any concrete issues, like "the phone has shorter battery life than blank phone, or, only 1.0 bluetooth when blank phone has 2.0 bluetooth. Im still wondering why everyone hates this phone. I guess that bottom line is people just dont like motorola, which is too bad. Carter, im sorry if you had bad experiences with your moto phones, but I know 5 people who had the razr, 3 were very close friends. They all had them for 2 years and loved them. One still has a razr, and the other will get another moto product, probably the razr2! Motorola makes fine phones, just look at the reviews. Everyone has poor phones and excellent phones, and just b/c moto is in the gutter now doesnt mean you have to kick them while they are down.

6. unregistered

Moto will always have a following because IDEN

7. unregistered

I'm not sure why every rips on Moto. I've had LG in the past and returned them within a week because of poor signal strength. I've had my E815 for 3 years!

8. unregistered

the last good phone they made was the v60c. the 815 was ok, but most people only hold onto theirs b/c it was one of the last vzw ui holdouts and you could seam edit the hell out of it. reception was stellar, but the s/w was still buggy and god knows the charging ports were the wost ever designed. chances are that if you owned one 815 its been swapped out three or four times. to motoman...motorola has done well to earn their crappy reputation. just b/c a phone has features doesnt mean it works

9. unregistered

I've never had software issues with my E815 and I've never had to have it swapped....I still have the original one. Guess I was lucky. I agree that the charging port is a bad design. That's why I'm looking to get a new phone - I have to fiddle with it to get the phone to charge. The problem is I'm not sure what new phone to get. I don't want touch screen or a full keyboard....I just need a phone with excellent call quality and signal strength.

10. unregistered

the E815 was an exception is Motorola's product line-up. That phone performed very well. But if u want good call quality and strength stick with LG

27. Davz unregistered

Why? So we can all have software bugs that causes our phones to shut off after sending every 2nd picture message? (The bug with the VX-8700) Don't get me wrong, I love LG. But I've had a lot of nice motorola phones too. The V60, RAZR (Of course you're going to see a lot of these with problems, like 50% of the entire cell phone using population uses one, but I've never had a problem with the 2 of mine, the W755. But not making this phone waterproof was a mistake :( just spray it with some instant plastic or something. Shrink wrap it or melt a zip lock bag over it.. something!

12. shadows unregistered

i work at verizon... i see motorolas come in everyday with problems. tons of them. i went through 6 razrs and two slvers myself before giving up on them.... all crap. i just want to know- is this damn phone waterproof... i have a pool guy coming into my store every two weeks to buy a new phone cuz he's always dropping his in the water.

14. unregistered

maybe your guy should start leaving his phone in the car......phones are not waterproof can get water resistant but your talking about a hand held computer.......would you want to hold your laptop over a pool? I've had my black q sense it came out and not had problems other than shutting off after i've dropped it million times........yeah razr is not that great the krazr is worse but the w315 was good and the w385 also the Z6c and Z6tv....been doing this for 6 yrs so stop all the haten people god.

16. some guy unregistered

it is not water proof, it meets more rugged specs than the Boulder does, EXCEPT it is not water proof/resistant. Nada. Zilch. Splashing bad!

28. Davz unregistered

Using your logic, why make it ruggedized then? The G'Zones had the right idea. The Type V was a flop because of that silly bumper thing and the external antenna. The Type S was a flop because the idiots decided to downgrade it when they fixed the Type V's aesthetic issues. I predict the Adventure is going to be a flop for not being waterproof. The Boulder may be too.. I'm skeptical due to it's looks, and I haven't checked to see if it's waterproof yet either.

34. unregistered

After long (and expensive) testing, certain phones work better with certain providers. As in verizons case, LG is the most dependable followed by Motorola ( and its little sister Samsung ). Alltel has the best luck with the Motos. Att/Cingular seems to have the best luck with Sony. As for the waterproof thing, the adventure (750) at verizon is advertised as only water resistant, while the G'zone is advertized as water proof to a certain depth. I've watched it demonstrated and thought it was a neat feature, I just hate the fact that it is a crappy phone. I've used the 750 and find it to be a fantastic phone. I still laugh at the morons who complain about not being able to get the battery cover on right. Theres a trick to it but the instructions make it simple.

17. unregistered

If you are in high school or college and all you do is text then LG is fine. But you won't find anyone in the business world walking around with an LG. It's Moto or Blackberry.

18. unregistered

I see many business users using the original V (vx9800) due to it's durability and size. They prefer them to the "smartphones" since the battery life is longer, bluetooth seems to be stronger in their cars, and the units aren't the size of 2 decks of cards. I am not knocking the BB's or other PDAs, just commenting... Back to the subject: I'll reserve judgement until testing this phone, but it looks like a winner. Many people return phones since they sat on the devices or "accidentally" dropped them. I would rather have a tough phone that just works than constantly making an appearance at my local wireless phone store.

20. Joel2 unregistered

"Im sure you didnt know that if a moto battery goes bad, it can be replaced, if an LG batter goes bad...tough luck! " What the heck is this guy talking about??? Any battery on any phone can be replaced(except the IPhone maybe)...Less than $10 for most batteries online.... Oh and the Battery on my LG ENV2 time 5 to 6 hours....beat that!!

26. motoman117

Posts: 15; Member since: Jun 22, 2008

actually, the env2 gets battery life like that b/c its external screen is smaller than the 3 year old i870 on nextel!

21. Leo unregistered

Here is the official Motorola V750 VZW instruction manual VER_68000201058A.pdf

22. unregistered

Can't wait til the v950 hits the streets


Posts: 2; Member since: Jul 15, 2008

The new PTT plan is going to be 5 bucks a line. Motorola software is what is in poor design, the parts are fine, With most Motorola's the only complaints people have have had have been with battery life and software. NO-ONE has ever complained about the Motorola's signal unless the radio has been damaged or interfered with by third party software, like radio comm or something to that effect. The only issue with the software has been they never put a cap on the storage of messaging portion of the phones firmware. Which they resolved with the newest Version of the V3m software release. TAKE YOUR PROS AND CONS!! With Motorola CDMA you are going to trade battery life for Call reception. Rake receivers don't come cheap. This new device is REALLY COOL!! I've played with it a few times already. NO LATENCY!!! (Based on coverage). Now it is MIL-SPEC, but not 810f, so it is not water immersive. But it is shock/dust/heat resistant. AND NO, CHEMICAL ENGINEERS, it is not intrinsically safe like you see on other posts!! DO NOT USE IN THE LAB BUDS!! The prototypes I got to play with have AWESOME SPEAKERS, it takes up the bottom portion of the phone. The alert is pretty loud, however you cannot change the alerts, an IDEN usually. (Strange since its software based they couldn't let us just once be able to change the alert!!) Battery life is pretty good. Buttons are solid, well placed on the handset. Sending sounds to yourself and storing them as ring tones WORKS!! HEHE, didn't tell them I did that one a few times. MUSIC IS AWESOME ON SPEAKERS!!! Really good quality, no scratchiness or "wha wha" sounds. Overall mobile web experience pretty good for brew. Camera did pretty well indoors, even in low light conditions!!! Didn't get to test it much outside. Overall I think its going to be a GREAT release handset for the new Rev. A roll-out. And on the comment about constantly switching razars. The only reason why you see that is because people arent thinking about it when they store HUNDREDS OF MESSAGES on their RazRs, Slvrs, V325/i/xi's. Whenever you store that much information on an environment normally aspirated for only up to 70, MAYBE 80 TEXT MESSAGES, not even including pix/flix messages, you are going to have issues!!! Motorola's Software team is something led to be desired, but their hardware has always been TOP NOTCH. If you think LG is so superior, why not just grab the data comparing a few Dare's RSSIs' indoors versus the Razr 2, MAxx VE, V3M/V3c, V325/I. And comparing a number of handsets in a row of the same phone. I think that you will see that Motorola's Radio performance is always going to be SUPERIOR!! Now thats not to say samsung/lg don't have good handsets. Or that Motorola has really any handsets currently out that contend with the Aforementioned handset, the "Dare", or other GAME changing devices. (Which I may purchase at retail, and sell this Flipshot!!) MOTOROLA INVENTED THE GAME!! They have always owned it in the world of Radio Telecommunicationns. But their downfall has always been Software development, and roll-out. (More to do with what crap their testing department rolls out!! {That means you MIKAIL!!!}) Now when it comes to the blaze...... You got that one, its going to be a piece of crap!! But when you say a handset always comes in, look at the amount of phones that handset has sold, compared to that which has been returned. The TRUE failure rates don't lie! There will always be multiple returns on a handset when people don't know how to educate proper use, versus just swapping out a phone every time you have a problem. If you just give them a new phone, you're not solving the problem. ::: Stepping off the Soap Box::: The Adventure V750 is going to rock it!!! If you're all good little posters, I'll tell you what that little Boulder (C711) is like, hehehe.

25. motoman117

Posts: 15; Member since: Jun 22, 2008

hey, I want to know what the boulder is like! Thank you for clearing up the fact that the V750 is a great phone!

24. unregistered

Ok.........I'll bite. What is the Casio Boulder like? I can only imagine the camera feature is good since it is made by Casio.

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