Moto Napoleon Q9 is a full GSM/CDMA phone

Moto Napoleon Q9 is a full GSM/CDMA phone
The Motorola Napoleon Q9 is a new world phone, slated to be launched on Verizon Wireless. However, unlike past word phones, which only supported the European GSM bands, the Napoleon has quad-band GSM support, meaning it can be used on American carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile. Interestingly, BGR was able to pop its AT&T SIM in and get the device working; normally, VZW world phones are locked and only Vodafone SIMs will work. Since the device hasn't been announced, things are of course subject to change. Other features include Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard, EVDO Rev. A, quad-band EDGE, a 2-megapixel camera with flash, fingerprint scanner and Wi-Fi. Follow the link to BGR for lots more pictures!

source: BGR



1. Borg unregistered

hmm we wonder if it can be used on both gsm and cdma at the same time

2. unregistered

No. Verizon with a Vodaphone SIM uses the same phone # here and abroad, the Americas GSM signal is for Mexico/S.A./Caribean countries without GSM. If you put an ATT SIM in you would have to switch between Global/CDMA Signal for the different #'s

3. unregistered

It surely looks pretty! If it has a cool personalized interface, Moto may have a good device, finally!

4. Lord of the Bentos unregistered

Fingerprint scanner? So the phone will be abel to identify the user? if this is true, then that sounds pretty metal!

5. naveen unregistered

Moto Napoleon Q9 the way it was designed was pretty attractive and which inspired me to buy it rite now, even the features are well built with it. I love to buy and use this handset.

6. primewax unregistered

Wait, a Q9 that isn't total crap? I hope this one lives up to its expectations.

7. unregistered

That Napoleon is Dynamite!!!

8. primewax unregistered

Oh God that comment actually physically hurt

9. jrcrow unregistered

I like this..but it worth dealing with?

10. Avi24 unregistered

When is it coming out? September? Next year? I wonder how much it is $, $99?, $400?? It sounds like a realy cool phone!!

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