Most useless software features in Samsung's past smartphones

In this piece, we’re going to take a quick trip down memory lane to remember those awful, redundant, and useless features in Samsung’s smartphones that made us all ask the question why
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57. T12RYK

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You forgot one MAJOR one PA. The Samsung Phones themselves. The biggest useless feature of Samsung itself and big gimmick! LMAO!

66. blastertoad

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Thanks a lot phone arena, articles like this are why we are missing these features now. Lets take a look at the software you have bashed. Airview: Absolutely necessary if you venture to any websites not "optimized for mobile". Sure it could be a little janky, but when you visit a website with a menu that has to be hovered over and you can not navigate it with a touch screen this feature saves the day. Turn it on, return to your web browser and hover over that drop down menu. Air Gestures: So you are driving down the road, your voice controls dont work on your lock screen and you want to skip the track playing. Well if not for articles like this we would still be able to wave over our phones to skip tack. Or your hands are covered in flour and you want to scroll to the next step of your recipe, you could wave your hand over it with gestures but no that would be gimmicky. Smart pause: anyone with kids know that there are times when you need to drop everything you are doing immediately to handle something. It is by no means necessary, but it sure was nice not having to manually scrub through the video you where watching when you get back to it. Virtual shot is neat and I have used it for product images at work in the past, otherwise sure its not something many will use. All these features and more from Samsung or other manufactures are downplayed as gimmicks, but the all had there place and if allowed to mature we would have some really fantastic software and hardware features. Long story short, news services keep down playing the potential of fringe options and because the vocal few are louder then the majority manufactures back out of these options due to public lack of interest.

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