Most Verizon smartphone users are considering switching to the iPhone

According to a survey by uSamp, a majority of Verizon's BlackBerry and Android owners are considering a switch to the iPhone; BlackBerry users in particular were more likely to jump on the Apple bandwagon...
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20. dcgore unregistered

I switched back to VZ on an old bberry from iphone on AT&T with the intention of getting the VZ iphone. I am not getting one. I am not locking myself to a 2 year contract for something that will be replaced 6 months from now and paying 650 dollars + under the same scenario doesn't make sense.

21. Moet007 unregistered

That survey is accurate ONLY because iPhone has been exclusive to AT&T for so long and when you don't have something that others have it makes you want it more, it's natural human instinct. In the long run ppl will realize they are similar products and the "hysteria" will die down. Either case both platforms will be around for a long time coming...

25. Fred unregistered

Deal breaker for me is the proprietary charging. iOS is extremely original and deserves recognition....BUT, the charging port? Come on, get with the standardization already.

27. DJLegacy2k5

Posts: 212; Member since: Jan 28, 2011

So wait? PhoneArena says "MOST Verizon SMARTPHONE users are considering switching to the iPhone"... Then we get numbers like "25%" then are told it's mainly Blackberry users. DUH...Anyone still owning a Blackberry will consider switching to a basic FLIP Phone just to get off of their outdated, slow, feature lacking BBs. Seriously? How is 25% and then 29% Somewhat likely stating that MOST smartphone users are considering anything. So basically anyone with an OLD ass phone are considering upgrading to the YEAR OLD iPhone 4, while people with NEWER Android devices are NOT switching because they aren't worthless sheep? My current store is even selling more WP7 over iPhone4s because if the sales team is GOOD they will point out all the flaws of the iPhone and put people into phones that are actually worth a damn. Just saying... Stop trying to BLUR the lines with these articles...

38. snowgator

Posts: 3621; Member since: Jan 19, 2011

I have kinda heard this stuff about the death kneel of Blackberry for a while. If you are a consumer, I am not really sure why you would own a Blackberry except for the quality of the phone. (Credit where credit is due gang- Blackberry is a solid phone.) For web bowsing, apps, music players and general fun, Blackberry is several years behind its competition. But while the percentage of the population buying smartphones skyrocket, and most new consumers would rather jump on a bike without a seat then marry a Blackberry for two years, the actual number of Blackberry sales has held fairly steady. My wife is a retail manager, and you couldn't pry her Blackberry from her cold, dying hands. For what she does, and she works her back end off, Blackberry is the superior phone. Blackberry remains a player by staying loyal to the crowd that buys the product. I may not get it, but we all know cell phones ARE actually personel prefernces, right? Blackberry will survive, and Droid hasn't got a thing to worry about from the iPhone. Now windows, HP, and other systems? Start sweating and filling out resumes.....

30. WD40

Posts: 18; Member since: Oct 21, 2009

What a ridiculous survey. What this survey should ask is " How many Droid X users are considering switching?", or something that. I mean how biased is this survey to take a Blackberry Curve user or a Motorola Citrus user and ask them this question. Of course an iPhone is going to be appealing to them. They are basing this on the OS not the phone. Apple only has one by the way. It might as well ask, "How many Verizon feature phone users are planning on switching?" Wait I got a better one. "How many Apple Fan boy surveys will be posted to discussion groups to get people to assume that a Motorola Citrus is like a HTC Thunderbolt, and that Apple is some how superior".

32. achilles

Posts: 54; Member since: May 27, 2010

I dont want to have expanable storage by using a micro sd card! I dont want flash video support! I want to have limited video calling with Only other Iphone users. I dont want USB mass storage and want to be forced to use Itunes to transfer data. I dont want the option of buying a removeable extended battery. I am a sheep.

35. Wesly Mathurin unregistered

I am a big Steve Job's fan! But,the iPhone 4 is too small! And I think that some of us should wait the iPhone 5 because Steve job is very creative so I would not be surprised if the iPhone 5 comes with dual core or LTE,or may be GSM only. And what is the rush! Apple is in trouble because is taking over! So apple market share start decreasing a little so for those who are eager to have the iPhone 4 "GOOD LUCK"
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