More Samsung Continuum leaked photos

More Samsung Continuum leaked photos
The Samsung Continuum was leaked only today, but we have additional photos of the dual-screen device below.

The Samsung Continuum will feature a secondary screen, also Super AMOLED, that will act like a news ticker. You can swipe it back and forth review different updates, including SMS, Twitter, Facebook, Weather, etc.

The device will have the same specs as the Samsung Fascinate, also on Verizon (i.e. 1 GHz Hummingbird processor, 336 MB of RAM).

This seems like a pretty quick update on the Fascinate, released at the beginning of September.

source: Boy Genius Report via Unwired View

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  • Display 3.4" 480 x 800 pixels
  • Camera 5 MP
  • Processor Samsung Exynos 3, Single core, 1000 MHz
  • Storage 2 GB + microSDHC
  • Battery 1500 mAh(7.00h talk time)



1. Joshing4fun

Posts: 1246; Member since: Aug 13, 2010

I thought this was going to be a mini galaxy s phone but the only thing smaller about this than the fascinate in the screen. I'm not impressed so far and simply do not see a point in this phone.

2. aztaxia12295

Posts: 272; Member since: Nov 22, 2009

I like the second screen hopefully it wont eat battery life. I would think the screen is about 3.6 inches because it is smaller than that Droid. I would price this at 179.99. Overall a phone I would buy if my parents let me buy smartphones! ;)

5. zerglisk

Posts: 544; Member since: Feb 09, 2010

Go make urself some money then.


Posts: 3131; Member since: Jan 12, 2010

If this had a qwerty keyboard I would consider it but come on.

6. Joshing4fun

Posts: 1246; Member since: Aug 13, 2010

I know its practically the same thing as the fascinate.

4. Jon Mallin unregistered

Let's hope this doesn't get "Binged up."

7. protozeloz

Posts: 5396; Member since: Sep 16, 2010

Yes is the last thing I wanna see on an Android powered device cmon i sold my winmo device so i could use as many Google features as posible

8. Larry Wilson unregistered

Too late. I think I read somewhere that all Android phones not branded as Droids will get Bing instead of Google Search. No, I can't swear on that, mind you, but I believe it. I just don't get why Verizon's moving so fast. They've got way too many Android phones bunched up at the same price point. It should either be the Continuum at the $200 price point and the Fascinate at $149 or lower, or vice versa. But having the two of them at the same price point makes no sense, since IMHO, an AMOLED ticker screen is not reason enough to choose one over the other. What they really need is a decently-powered Droid phone at the LG Ally's price point, because the Vortex is still gonna be grossly underpowered, even with Froyo. Still, I hope the Continuum hits this month. Once I see it in action, I'll know whether I want it over the Fascinate.Hopefully they'll put Froyo on it.

9. mr. droid

Posts: 278; Member since: Aug 21, 2010

any android phone that does come out of the motorola factory, and carry the "droid" name will have bing from this point forward. I like the looks of this phone a LOT. i just hope that in landscape mode, the space bar is where it belongs (in the middle) and not over to the right hand side. AND i hope the back of the phone is not made out of such shiny material/finish. it gets surface scratches SO easily, i couldnt stand to keep my fascinate. if they have those changed made, label this phone for me.

13. Droidxcon unregistered

if you change the keyboard from Swype to android keyboard the space bar is in the center

10. Ryryryryry unregistered

who would actuallly want this phone? i wouldnt consider it even if this had google search...which i doubt it does

11. justme unregistered

I'm not a tech wiz, but why are carriers still putting out phones w/out Froyo already on them? Are they delaying the update because the update will give access to Google and they're in bed w/Bing? And you "couldn't stand to keep your Fascinate" because it got a scratch? Dumped a $200 phone because you couldn't buy a $7 case? Oooookayyyy....

12. Eliseo unregistered

Rubbish, I want a phone in AT&T in order to be able to use it while traveling to other countries. Sprint and Verizon suck due to their CDMA networks!

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