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More BlackBerry Pearl 8220 unboxing pictures surface

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More BlackBerry Pearl 8220 unboxing pictures surface
Though several pictures had appeared on the internet prior to today, the Boy Genius Report has scored some nice unboxing shots of the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220. Though they were relatively impressed with the overall device, they claim that both the internal and external screens could use improvement. The verdict: Not necessarily for the business person, but a decent consumer BlackBerry.

BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 Specifications

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source: BGR

More BlackBerry Pearl 8220 unboxing pictures surface

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:42

1. T-Money3000 (unregistered)

This phone is sooooooooo ugly!! I can see where they're going with it but c'mon....

posted on 06 Oct 2008, 13:27

2. Lambert (unregistered)

it really is, i hate blackberry

posted on 06 Oct 2008, 14:05

4. DamonO (unregistered)

Why do you hate Blackberry?

posted on 07 Oct 2008, 11:09

8. (unregistered)

You are sick in the head if you hate blackberry dude you def. don't know what you are missing out on!

posted on 06 Oct 2008, 13:56

3. Jacosta (unregistered)

BGR must be really biased 2wards his iPhone? Thus far - every other other review(er) on the Internet, except his, is giving the BlackBerry Flip outstanding scores! Spoke this morning with my local rep with T-Mobile, since he has had an actual working unit 4 the past several days and has been using it, and he prefers it over the 8120 - says the screen is a li'l brighter/bigger and better, will actually edit MS Word and Excel docs, has the newer OS, and likes how the keys are better positioned for typing. Still, however, didn't have a release date on it. Wish I knew that!!!

posted on 06 Oct 2008, 16:00

5. (unregistered)

why hate this phone? i think it is a great innovation with blackberry, and it's cute. I have an iphone, but I love RIM as well. I think this will be a great phone. Granted it is with t-mobile lol but I won't comment on that.

posted on 06 Oct 2008, 17:42

6. T-Money3000 (unregistered)


posted on 06 Oct 2008, 17:44

7. (unregistered)


posted on 07 Oct 2008, 11:16

9. @MoBiLe@LiFe (unregistered)

I had the phone in my hands on Friday the Blackberry Field Rep brought it to the store it is a very nice phone. I thouhgt it was ugly when I seen pictures on the internet but when I had it in my hands it was a AWESOME PHONE! I really like the way it looks its not bulky has tons of applications and its amazing how many different ways you can make the phone look from the outside I recommend this phone its very very nice when you see it in person TRUST ME YOU"LL LIKE IT! I don't have a blackberry but i will consider this one.

posted on 08 Oct 2008, 00:56

10. (unregistered)

I seriously used to hate BB and then purchased a Pearl 8100 and fell in love in the matter of days. Seen this phone and then I hated it couldnt believe what RIM did. Now after looking at it for days and reading about it I cant wait to see it in person actually have one preordered with out even looking out it or holding it. I have to say I will never make fun of another BB user and I completely understand what i was missing out on. Almost bought a iPhone until I played with a friends and I have to say what a status symbol huge POS....the only thing nice about it is having the actually internet....everything else BOOOO

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