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Mobile devices affect your health, what can you do about it (infographic)

0. phoneArena posted on 11 Jul 2012, 08:14

We know that stooping over those relatively small smartphone and tablet screens and straining our eyes for hours on end is not what are bodies were made to do, so shoehorning our vision, hearing and posture to use the fruits of the Great Mobile Revolution can't come without consequences...

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posted on 11 Jul 2012, 08:28

1. PAPINYC (banned) (Posts: 2315; Member since: 30 Jul 2011)

I only stoop, squint, bend and strain whilst using my iPhone 4S with its' lovely 3.5" screen (or, when I'm on the loo-loo having a rough time; yet sometimes whilst engaging in the two activities simultaneously). However, when I'm using my Samsung dis-CHARGE there's no straining of any kind on my part. Currently, I am engaged simultaneously in the two aforementioned acts above.

Just honest input (or, right now, output) from a loyal reader.

posted on 11 Jul 2012, 09:07 1

2. chuckster123 (Posts: 11; Member since: 25 Jun 2012)

This article is pretty much telling us what we already knew...

posted on 11 Jul 2012, 10:25 2

3. AnotherOne (Posts: 15; Member since: 04 Jul 2012)

I'm actually going to take this into consideration.

posted on 11 Jul 2012, 12:09

4. Stuntman (Posts: 839; Member since: 01 Aug 2011)

I'm not a fan of using voice recognition to text while driving. I tried it a few times and found that even using voice commands, it was way to distracting for me, so I stopped doing it. I'll just text after I reached my destination.

posted on 11 Jul 2012, 12:34

5. jmoita2 (Posts: 930; Member since: 23 Dec 2011)

I've actually seen similar charts on TV watching. What can one do about it? Next to nothing, so I'm not going to worry about it...

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