Mobile OS comparison: Windows Phone 8 vs iOS 6.0 vs Android 4.1

Microsoft's Windows Phone was met with rave reviews from day one of its launch back in late 2010, but despite its beautiful and smooth UI it hasn't caught up with users. One way or another, part of the blame for this was some immaturity of the platform - multitasking arrived later...
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No it's not. No roms .No set Cpu. No kernels. No voltage control.

112. SuperAndroidEvo

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gallitoking when you root or jailbreak you get no support. You void warranties. Ohh & if falling once & shattering is well built then more power to you. I like my devices to survive falls not shatter. Hey to each is own.

162. SlimSoulja86

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So with that statement u do agree Android is the best........... Your statement says it all.

199. hepresearch unregistered

Define support... As far as I see it, jailbreaking an iPhone takes away all of Apple's support because an Apple employee is not allowed to "knowingly" touch your jailbroken iPhone. Apparently you think that Android has, like, zero support. Support for Android devices comes primarily from the OEM's, who generally issue a one-year warranty... wait a minute... Apple ALSO issues one year warranties... TIME TO SUE EVERYBODY! As far as support, I like to think of it this way: Samsung Galaxy S III w/ Android; 1st year - Android 4.0 out-of-the-box which I make my own, gets 4.1 update... in warranty 2nd year - out of warranty... gets 4.2 update with CPU power and RAM yet to spare 3rd year - could get 5.0 update, but thinking about CyanogenMod or other fun stuff 4th+ year - open-source means I can support it myself forever, if need be... because I am intelligent and resourceful! Apple iPhone 4S w/ iOS; 1st year - iOS 5 out-of-the-box and runs silky smooth... in warranty (don't jailbreak it!) 2nd year - out of warranty... gets iOS 6 update minus some new OS features, but still runs okay... time to jailbreak it? 3rd year - Apple intentionally pushes iOS 7 update to cripple your phone... jailbreak? Nah... oh, well... time to go to the Apple Store and buy that new "iPhone 6G"!

71. nnaatthhaannx2

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Ahhh... it seems that my original comment was not very clear. Allow me to correct myself. I meant to say that jailbroken iOS is far better than regular iOS, and that the only thing that makes an iPhone good is the ability to jailbreak. Again, this is my opinion, and I do as you to respect it. Moving on, I do own an android phone, and I am currently using it to type you this reply. As you may notice, I did not include rooted/ROMed android in my original comment. If I did, I would place it in the first spot. I guess that wasn't clear. Anyways, your arguement stating "tiny iphone" is invalid in this conversation. This is a mobile OS article, not relating to the screen size of a phone. Either way, i ask that you respect my opinion along with all other pandas. So if you do want some bamboo I will provide, just let me know :-D

84. hepresearch unregistered

People make fun of the iPhone for 'tiny', and give a total pass to the likes of the Palm Pixi or the HP Veer... which I happened to like at the time they came out for the very reason that they were, in fact, small and pocketable. It never ceases to amaze me how much some folks let their panties get all in a twist over personal opinions... as if they are so offended that I could actually have the gaul to like something that they don't... hehehe... again, +1 to you, sir...

110. SuperAndroidEvo

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You can like whatever you want. It's. Your prerogative. It doesn't make a difference to me. Still it doesn't change the fact the phone is tiny. I mean you like the phone because it's tiny right? If we were talking about the Samsung Galaxy Note I would have said "the huge Note". I used "tiny" as an adjective. Are you sure you are not the one with the panties twisted? Remember when you point there 3 fingers pointing right back at you. hehehe... again, +1 to you, sir...

127. remixfa

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oh i just wanna jump in. the pixi had a keyboard to make up for its tiny screen.. of course the keyboard was tiny too. Good thing they were marketing it to the keebler elfs.

138. hepresearch unregistered

Haha... actually the keyboard on the Pixi was nice, as each key was like a comfy little bubble-shaped thingy that had just the right feedback and travel, and was small enough to be compact but just large enough that I didn't have fat-finger problems... yeah, apparently I have small hands, like the guy with small hands in the Burger King commercial...


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Cookie monster™ sessame street. ®Like that™…… ©

115. nnaatthhaannx2

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What does the cookie monster have to do with this. All he does is make me hungry for cookies everytime I see him!

105. SuperAndroidEvo

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I respect your opinion. We are all entitled. Yes jailbroken iOS might be better than regular iOS but it still pales compared to Android. (Stock Android that is.) My friend had a jailbroken iPhone 4 & he can't do nearly all the things I can with Android. Also why does "tiny phone" make my comment invalid? iOS can only be seen in 2 sizes. Tiny iPhone & big tablet. Was I not stating the truth or does that hit you below the belt? Also I was messing with you about the pandas. I would like plant some bamboo in my yard though. Bamboo to me is beautiful even though it grows all crazy like weeds.

113. nnaatthhaannx2

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Alrighty, and just to make things clear, I am not an Apple fanboy in any way. I think that their products are overpriced, but sometimes you can't avoid getting them! Example: iPod touch. It is the only device just like a mobile phone that isn't one. The only competitor is Samsung's -whatever it's called- which just isn't as good. Same with the ipad. Not really anythingcan compare with the developer support that is on the ipad! Anyways, that was quite the rant.

116. SuperAndroidEvo

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My Asus Transformer Prime is an awesome tablet. I can get anything of value on it just as anyone can on a iPad. There is nothing an iPad can do that I can't do on my Prime. My Prime can do things the iPad can't though. I can use microSD & standard SD cards. I can use a laptop dock that is not after market. The USB connectivity is insane. I can connect almost any USB device to the Prime. I can even plug a 500GB hard drive to my tablet. I can mirror my tablet content to an HDTV with a $2.00 cable. I can go & go with this. I do agree that Apple products are overpriced & definitely not as good as the Android counterpart. I mean 900,000 daily activations is clearly not an accident.

119. nnaatthhaannx2

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My main complaint with my gtab is the lack of developer support. Many times I have to get 3rd party apps. Almost all developers make their apps exclusively for the ipad, and completly disregard other tabs. Do you not use many apps?

133. SuperAndroidEvo

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OK I will spell it out better. Any app of importance is on BOTH the Apple App Store & in Google Play. There is no app that Apple has that Android doesn't have an equivalent. For example Apple might have a Bugatti but Android has a Ferrari. Both high quality yet do the same but are different in terms of developers. I really hope you get my analogy. Apple's app lead has been diminished by Android years ago in terms quality & quantity. So I really don't know what you are talking about.

136. nnaatthhaannx2

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I appreciated the analogy, although I don't completely agree with it. On the Google Play store, what is missing are the apps that are directly from the same devs that make the Appstore apps. Many cable companies offer ipad apps that allow them to stream TV shows and recorded content. They don't offer an android counterpart, and that kind of service is not available 3rd party. I think that the QUALITY of android apps are (for the most part) lower than that of the other two OS's. Wouldn't you agree that WP apps are more visually appearing?

166. SuperAndroidEvo

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nnaatthhaannx2 sorry to reply so late, I had to put the kids to sleep & then I watched the baseball game & went to sleep after watching some old Twilight Zone episodes on Netflix. I will give you that. The Cable companies apps are missing from Android as of now. I am sure it's just a matter of time until they get released on the Google Play Store. Again you are 100% correct on that aspect. I do have to disagree with the lower quality of apps on Android. All the apps I have ever purchased in Google Play are high quality & have awesome widgets that come with them. (Something the Apple counterpart doesn't have.) This is now coming to the realm of personal taste. We will never win that. WP apps do look nice though, their Metro UI is very clean & savvy looking. I do agree with you there. But again that is just personal taste. Some people might not like that at all.

172. nnaatthhaannx2

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Its fine, other people sleep at night too. What's your thoughts on JB, do you think google is going too fast? What do you think Google should do about the carriers not allowing updates in a timely manner. Do you think google should just take the matter into their hands, like Apple?

181. SuperAndroidEvo

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I really think that the carriers should give Android the same power that Apple has for updating their OS. I mean Apple has total control & are not governed by the carriers. Android should demand the same treatment. I really don't like that the carriers dictate when updates happen on the Android ecosystem. If it’s good for Apple then it should be good for ALL OS’s not just Android.

129. remixfa

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the samsung "whatever" is the same as the galaxy just without the phone capabilities, just like an iphone to an ipod. if the samsung phone is top notch, guess what, the samsung media player is.. because its the same device. /end rant. :)

97. jaoowolabi

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your first and last sentence made no sense in the convo. js

111. SuperAndroidEvo

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I know. I am trying to make this fun. Thank you for pointing that out. Really?!?

114. nnaatthhaannx2

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....... and sometimes we stumble upon completely clueless one here on phonearena.... Please, stick to articles written by Ray S. They are more appropriate for your level of intelligence.

81. hepresearch unregistered

I just like nnaatthhaannx2's response... "Do you want a cookie?" I think it is hilarious, and next time somebody comes after me for a total opinion, I just might ask that... And yeah, this might tick off a bunch of people here, but +1 anyway...

52. hepresearch unregistered

Actually... my personal opinion, supported by my own experiences and those of contacts, is that Symbian WAS the ultimate in custom ROMming, but everybody bought the idea that Android IS the ultimate open source, when it is neither the OG open source, nor the ultimate. What happened with Android is that they made a better mechanism for organizing and making money for developers and development, where in Symbian it was totally happy-go-lucky, but I developed for Symbian a-plenty, and there were always plenty of apps for Symbian (just always placed at third-party sites, and managed by 'signatures' after the first attempt to standardize things, until the Ovi Store emerged). I never went without apps for my desires and needs, and if I couldn't find something for my proprietary purposes then I made one myself. It was simple... C++, Java, and then, later, Qt. Android just cleaned up that process and marketed it as an ecosystem project, called it open source when it is not really nearly as open to begin with, and popularized it with wanna-be nerds and not just the OG nerd-geek crowd that I was a part of in the early days.

53. SuperAndroidEvo

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Sorry I didn't mean to thumb you down. My fat finger got in the way. lol You are right about Symbian, but that OS is dead with no more support. I was talking about today & right now. Android is clearly the leader in custom ROMS & development. A lot of OEM's are using stuff from the CM team in their custom skins, so the Android root community is making an impact on both Google & the OEM's on the software side of things.

58. hepresearch unregistered

True, but I still find it sad that the more open-source something is these days, the more likely it seems to be that it dies off in favor of less-open or walled-garden OS/ecosystem projects.

95. hepresearch unregistered

Case in point: the contraction of Linux projects... how many well-established multi-decade-old+ Linux GNU's have we heard about recently that are having to consolidate by merging with other similar projects? Also, Android, while obviously not dying off any time soon if at all, is moving in a direction that is less and less open over time. They are still the most open common mobile project that is still around and not scheduled for end-of-life, but they are slowly (but with increasing speed) moving in the less-open/semi-open direction. Apple's iOS has indeed set the tone, WebOS has indeed died, Symbian is indeed dying in the eye of the common public, and Maemo/Meego, Tizen, bada, Meltemi, and others are either dying or merging like crazy these days, while Windows and Android/Chrome (soon to include Ubuntu as well) have taken some big steps in the direction of iOS/Mac OS X. If you think that open-source is becoming wildly popular or growing like crazy, think again. I am not saying that this is a good thing... I don't like it... but if you are denying this trend, then you are keeping your head under the sand. Goodness, I mean, even Flash is dying soon, and even Java is slowly on its way out! BREW(MP) and html5 seem to be on the way in, instead. And now Apple controls the new nanoSIM standard... whether they are offering these things with open licenses or without need to license or whatever, just look at who we are dealing with here. If you pick up a wild snake, it will generally bite you... if the visiting snake crawling through your back yard unexpectedly speaks and says "Oh, please help me! Please pick me up and get me over your rock wall so I can go elsewhere," do you then happily go over and pick up the wild snake? No, you don't, because you know that it will still bite you, and it will say "Ah yes, you knew what I was and still picked me up, you fool!" Don't let yourself be talked into blindly trusting someone who has previously quite well proven their lack of trustworthiness. As a consumer society, we are already largely under the control of Microsoft, Apple, Qualcomm, Google, Sony, and a few others who are pushing us in the direction of closed ecosystems, and tempting people en-mass away from true open-source. True DIY is becoming a thing of the past.

102. networkdood

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tres interesant!
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