Miniature Bluetooth earpiece

Miniature Bluetooth earpiece
With its amazing dimensions of 0.38 x 0.22 x 0.24 inches (9.6 x 5.5 x 6.0mm), respectively for length, width and height, this ultra small device is the tiniest earpiece for communication via Bluetooth. The gadget is so small that it fits into your ear canal so it can't be seen at all when properly placed. Well, it's actually only an earpiece but it transfers audio via RF to a neck-mounted transmitter with sensitive to whisper microphone, which in turn communicates two-way with your phone via Bluetooth. The transmitter includes volume adjustment buttons, call answer/call end/call reject/call hold and voice dialing/last number dialing capabilities, and also has a standard headphone 3.5 mm minijack output, in case your phone does not support Bluetooth. The earpiece is powered by the smallest industry watch battery which is widely available, and can last for about 24 hours of usage.

Source: MicroEarpice via Gizmodo


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