Microsoft with a patent for new user interface

Microsoft with a patent for new user interface
A patent of Microsoft, titled “Extensible Filtered Lists for Mobile Device User Interface”, was announced the last Thursday by the US Patent and Trademark office. The very essence of that interface is the ability to arrange information in groups and lists, including multiple items, according to the most commonly used tasks, applications, contacts and so on, enhancing the user’s access to them and following the trend of making the interface finger-friendly. That software product has not been yet officially presented by Microsoft.

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1. FerneyZAN unregistered

I sure that things will look a little bit more color when they get to use it on whatever phones in the future..

2. Ken unregistered

So you can patent what already exists? Concept of FAVORITES (TM), Concept of a LIST(R), Concept of a SORT(C). These are all mere lists with a title sorted by frequency of use? Where's the patent-worthy idea there? How about some real innovation instead of this BS! I am guessing that what happens in the Microsoft dungeon is that the MSCE's sit around playing with Macs, Palm Devices, and blackberrys and try to find implementations of good ideas in other OS's and either patent them, steal them, or both and then sue!

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