Microsoft agrees to buy Danger

Microsoft agrees to buy Danger
The California based Danger Inc. will enter the Microsoft family, as the Windows giant has agreed to acquire the company. Danger is the developer of the software and services powering T-Mobile Sidekick and Danger's own Hiptop brand mobile phones. After the acquisition, Motorola nand Sharp will continue to manufacture Danger devices.

source: Microsoft



1. jvillan unregistered

would microsoft instal mobil 6 on a sidekick? that would look so awesome! microsoft rules!

2. FerneyZan unregistered

I was not expecting this at all, but for sure, it was about time we see MICROSOFT gets into the handset business more directly.. Not only they have Windows Mobile and what not, nut now they have a brand of phones that am sure they will seriously get out to other manufacturers and who knows what else they have planned for it..

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