Microsoft: We’re serious about mobile, honest!

When Microsoft acquired Nokia’s devices unit, a number of layoffs were made, about 18,000...
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17. checkmymike

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24. sip1995

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Yeah.....didn't know you were DOA....

18. rsiders

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Well Mr.Maxwell this was a very good piece of writing. It appears that the future of mobile for Windows Phone hangs on the success or failure of Windows 10 Mobile. This was a very thought out look at where Microsoft currently stands with mobile. As a day one supporter of the fresh new Windows Phone 7 all the way up into WP8.1. The lack of a flagship and especially on my carrier (T-Mobile) is the reason why I'm typing this response from a Sony Xperia Z3 and not a Lumia 1520 or 930. I have no doubt that Windows 10 Mobile will be successful enough to pull attention and praise to the platform. I have no doubt that after such a long wait Microsoft won't rock the world with their new fall flagship(s). What I am skeptical of is and have been since the Lumia 900, 920, 1020, 1520, and 930 were all made exclusively for other carriers is availability. If Microsoft makes the same mistake of signing any type of exclusive deal AND Apple rids their base model iPhone 6S of the ridiculous 16gb for a 32gb model, I will most likely upgrade to the iPhone this fall. Windows Phone is my favorite platform. Android is the most flexible. And Apple simply just works and has some of the best photo and video software implementation of all the platforms. Or I may just end up keeping my Z3. It's been an excellent device.

20. elitewolverine

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Great choice on the Z3, its what I got from my carrier tmobile as well. Hate they don't have a WP flagship. however, I have bought 1520, 930 and 1020 on my own accord and they all work very very well with TMO. I get 50Mb/s here with LTE on my 1520. I actually use the Z3 as my go to recommended device when customers don't like Samsung, or the G4.

22. rsiders

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Yeah I previously owned the Lumia 1020 which I reluctantly sold on eBay. I still own my old trusty Lumia 920 as well that I used on T-Mobile that worked without a hitch. Only problem is now that I'm on the Jump plan it doesn't make sense to buy a device(and I have been considering buying the 1020 again until/if the Lumia 1030 is released) off contact since I still have to pay for the device with T-Mobile still. My plan is to use my Jump upgrade to get the fall flagship preferably from Microsoft.

39. elitewolverine

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They also have jump on demand now too which is nice. I sell lots of 640's as a personal agent, I do get made fun of with people're on a one man crusade to get people to use Lumia's. When truth be told its because of customer needs. Our 2G towers are going up and putting LTE1900 bands. The cheapest android to support this LTE band is a Galaxy Avant for 200. Not to mention its overall worse specs in all areas vs the Lumia (save os). I get to see what apps they have, I make sure to check windows has it or equivalent, send an email with said apps so they know what to use, like 6tag etc. To the customer, most of them are not power users that play clash of clans all day, see the bigger better screen, updated OS (Avant is being discontinued and most likely wont get 5.0), sd card install ability, better camera, better battery, all for 80 bucks less? I get so many calls on the Avant I literally suggest the used Z1s instead if they need android, I avoid the Avant like the plague.

50. hound.master

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I thought the cheapest phone with 4g was Moto g!

21. cornerofthemoon

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About a year and a half ago, WP was finally gaining momentum, but after the Nokia purchase and change of MS leadership.....pffffftttttt.

27. snowgator

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It does boil down to Mr. Nadella and his focus. Surely, this is last bad news for Windows mobility. Right? I mean...RIGHT??? *starts worrying*

35. jroc74

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But that momentum didnt come until after the release of the Lumia. Could they have still released it and not buy Nokia? I dont know....but Nokia also helped WP gain momentum.

26. Hamid8

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They shouldn't bringing a knife to a gunfight, and almost with no solder. Instead of this, they had to make more free apps, high-end devices, waterproof phones ... I guess he just wants to prove that the Ballmer was wrong, because since he became the CEO, there wasn't much activity around windows phones. I guess it is heading where BlackBerry is now. It's sad.

42. razraptre

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It's hard to produce high end phones when no one wants to give the OS a try. It could be nuke proof and no one would buy it. As for the apps, well, MS can't control that. If even after introducing that porting feature, devs still don't take notice well, there's nothing more they can do. I'm a big fan of Windows Phone, but thanks to horrific management decisions, an iron grip by Android and iOS and reluctant users and devs, I think it's going out in a few years.

30. Crispin_Gatieza

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Judging by the comments here, not too many business people on PA. Layoffs do not always equate to poor sales. Most of the time it is the result of incompetent managers who don't possess the ability to staff properly. Another reason for layoffs is strictly financial. If you have a workforce that's top-heavy on salaries and corporate burden, you shed those salaries and re-hire at a lower base or simply bring in cheaper replacements. In this particular case, I think Nokia had some poor management that couldn't think straight. Now big, bad Microsoft has to clean up the mess they inherited. This is nothing Earth-shattering. This happens all the time in the real world.

34. jroc74

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The only other thing I can compare this to is when video game companies have layoffs. Thats usually preceeding a major shake up or studio closing. Palm did the same thing. Where are they now... Ppl also have to remember this is a division of MS, a part of the overall company. I think Sony did the same for TV's recently. They might be out the TV business now or dangerously close to out. PC's too.

36. cdgoin

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The problem has been and has ALWAYS been.. MS doesnt know how to sell or deal with OEMs and Carriers. Even Google has this problem.. is Motorola even in the top 5 Android makers anymore..? NO. Samsung is. IF HTC and MS has gotten their collective crap together in the beginning (pre-Apple) they coudl be what Samsung and GOogle have become. Samsung knows phones and KNEW phones. HTC was kind of the PDA with Windows Mobile, they sold all over the place and were king. Then they went and tried to play in Samsungs turf.. and with everyone else in android land. Either this was to hedge their bets, or because MS was wishy washy or both. Google proved with Motorola and MS proved with NOkia.. software should stick with software and hardware with hardware. The reason Apple has does as good is they controlled both, and sold ONE product.. NO mixed messages, no mixed products, no questions.. Everyone cries about MS hasn't had a new phone in a year. NIETHER has Apple.. BUT Apple sells their as all the stores, and no one discounts them or drops them from their lineup. They have a cohesive strategy.. So MS either needs to get a cohesive strategy, or a partner that knows what they are doing. I say.. KILL selling the OS for nothing to other partners.. that muddy the message. Build 3 phones.. PERIOD, Sell them EVERYWHERE on all Networks, have them be the best of their category at the best price.. and get contracts where the carriers can't just drop the phone. Have the OS natively run Android apps.. AND WP apps.. without need to emulate. viola..

46. jroc74

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I agree with this. HTC and Motorola ruled Android at one point. Whats funny is Samsung released 1 phone on all carriers, Moto and HTC never did until it was too late. Samsung kept making low, mid range phones...Moto stopped at one point. HTC kept doing like Samsung. I think the 1 phone on all carriers plan worked. By the time Moto decided to do low, mid range again it was too late...Their Moto G wound up being the best selling smartphone in Moto's history. As much as some ppl say companies release too many can if you have a good plan. 1 or few high end and more low end, mid range.

38. MrElectrifyer

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I previously stated the following, and based on the looks of it, Microsoft is on the right direction matching towards it with it's Code Recycling and Continuum for Phones. With a few more tweaking here and there, I just might consider a Windows Phone sooner than later. "Would NEVER buy a Windows Phone, not until the Windows Phone platform achieves one of the following: - Merges the app gap between other platforms, puts app permission management at the control of the user (this was a major factor for me giving Android a try on the OnePlus One, would still be using a jailbroken iPhone 4s today if not for it), gains the customizability/versatility/flexibility of Android, and has a premium-looking + top-performing hardware to run on. At this moment, Lumia phones look unapologetically plain cheap (plastic isn't the reason, Samsung's Galaxy S line was premium looking enough for me despite being made of tough-plastic) and the HTC One M8 has an extremely underwhelming camera. OR - Unveils a SmartPhone that performs on-par with an i5/256GB SSD/8GB RAM Surface Pro 2, and has a dock that transforms it into a FULL Surface Pro 2 (i.e. equal in hardware/software versatility, compatibility, AND performance). In other words, unveil a SmartPhone that merges the gap between the SmartPhone, Tablet, Laptop, & Desktop PC form-factors, similar to this rendering (but with full WIndows of course): The Surface Pro has already merged the gap between the latter 3 PC form-factors. If Microsoft manages to pull this off, it would be the FIRST SmartPhone that justifies a price tag way over $600 (I can justify a 64GB S6 at this price), IMO, and I would proudly pay $1500 for it (while still living with the lazy-fugly-flat WIndows Phone UI like I do on my Surface Pro 2). SmartPhones of today just aren't justifiable at over $600 (especially not those overrated fruit phones) for what they do compared to devices like the Surface Pro, the OnePlus One ($350) is currently one of the only reasonably priced SmartPhones, IMO. Cheap devices from the big brands dump a lot of performance/features, and just aren't worth the price either."

40. elitewolverine

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app permissions? As in? If you have a windows 10, go to settings - privacy. These are you things you can control what apps get what permissions: location camera microphone motion speech,ink,typing account info contacts Calendar messaging Radios Background apps Accessory apps Advertising ID Other Devices (as in sync, trusted devices like xbox and band, pc, tvs, etc. As well as Blu-ray disc player too, moviestv&music can control that) So is that what your looking for?

41. MrElectrifyer

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Yes that's partly what I want, but I don't want any of the permissions to be forced on us like it currently is. Some apps could force access to those permissions and you won't be able to revoke it, that's just not right. With XPrivacy on my OnePlus One, I can easily revoke access to ANY permission an app demands. I can understand they're trying to make it simple for the average joe in order to avoid the situation where apps might crash. However, they should add options for power users to fully control the apps, and the power user would be responsible for managing the permissions in case the app crashes due to not having the permission.

45. ppoojavermaa

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Windows 10 can do some miracle.

47. legiloca

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Not being a total racist but that indian really suck at strategies. God...
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