Metal Gear Solid for the N-Gage

Metal Gear Solid for the N-Gage
For the joy of all gamers, the adventures of Solid Snake are now available on their mobile phone’s screen too. The only requirement is that it should be compatible with the N-Gage platform. MGS is a third/first-person shooter game with significant stealth elements. The developers at Ideaworks3D Ltd. have paid great attention to the graphics, which (as you may see from the screenshots) are really high-detail, compared to most of the 3D mobile games so far. In addition to this, you can look around using the phone’s camera, when you’re in first-person mode. Metal Gear Solid costs $8 and in our view every action fan would like it, even those that are not that keen on the series. If you want to try it out, you can download the demo version here.

via: SymbianpOp

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