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MediaTek wants to lead the charge on cheap Android ICS smartphones

0. phoneArena posted on 13 Feb 2012, 14:58

Taiwan chip maker MediaTek wants to bring sub-$200 Android smarphones to the masses, especially the masses in prepaid and emerging markets...

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posted on 13 Feb 2012, 15:06 2

1. squallz506 (banned) (Posts: 1075; Member since: 19 Oct 2011)

ice cream for the masses!!!

i just got ICS on my g2x and i want to share it with the world. now my three wishes are:

everyone considers the consequences of their actions
World Peace
and ICS for the all the children of the world!

posted on 13 Feb 2012, 22:44

6. paulyyd (Posts: 339; Member since: 08 Jan 2011)

you're a GDI

posted on 13 Feb 2012, 15:23

2. nickjjay (Posts: 79; Member since: 10 Oct 2011)

Competition is good for the market

posted on 13 Feb 2012, 15:42

3. jove39 (Posts: 1979; Member since: 18 Oct 2011)

"...3D/HSPA radios" So radios are 3d :)

posted on 13 Feb 2012, 15:48

4. jove39 (Posts: 1979; Member since: 18 Oct 2011)

ICS runs perfectly fine on 1Ghz cpu (It runs smooth on my vibrant...way better than stock Froyo build).

posted on 13 Feb 2012, 17:04 1

5. christianqwerty (Posts: 467; Member since: 05 May 2011)

How is ics supposed to stop the fragmentation when companies are creating these cheap phones. Will theses phones be stuck just on the ics update forever? Soon you will have quad core processors along with dual core and then the single core 1ghz

posted on 14 Feb 2012, 08:09

8. frydaexiii (Posts: 1475; Member since: 01 Dec 2011)

Exactly...ICS should bring along the end of single cores, if everything goes according to the official Android manufacturers, single core Androids won't exist by 2013, but with companies like this, how is the fragmentation going to end?

posted on 14 Feb 2012, 01:50

7. droidnator (Posts: 90; Member since: 10 Mar 2011)

I think it's a great idea! Go MediaTek! Spread the green myth! Cheap mid-range phones, decent specs... Who doesn't want that? Competition is indeed good for the market, good for the customer!

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