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Max Payne Mobile hands-on

0. phoneArena posted on 02 May 2012, 16:47

It’s hard to believe it in some way, but it has been over a decade since Max Payne infiltrated the PC and PlayStation 2, bringing us one memorable action game that’s most notable for its bullet time implementation. Thankfully, Rockstar is so kind enough to port over the game to the iPad...

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posted on 02 May 2012, 17:18 4

1. JeffdaBeat (unregistered)

Max Payne was probably one of my favorite games in high school. Spectacular story line and back then, amazing graphics. Glad to see it brought back to life. I wish more retro games were ported to today's devices, whether mobile or consols. Definitely grabbing this one if it's only $3

posted on 02 May 2012, 17:51 1

2. CivicSi89 (Posts: 349; Member since: 23 Jul 2011)

Man. Its crazy how these are just coming out for phones. I have MVC2, GTA, SF4, Sonic the Hedgehog, and others on my phone. and some people cant believe that it can be played on there. haha!

posted on 02 May 2012, 19:08

3. Nullstring (Posts: 18; Member since: 27 Jan 2010)

so what about Windows Phones?

posted on 02 May 2012, 21:58

5. SkOne (Posts: 95; Member since: 02 May 2012)

What about Windows Phone?

posted on 02 May 2012, 21:51

4. PackMan (Posts: 277; Member since: 09 Mar 2012)

The game is laggy and choppy. The control sensitivity is due to framerate issues.

posted on 03 May 2012, 05:02 2

7. Nathan_ingx (Posts: 4321; Member since: 07 Mar 2012)

Yeah, since the graphics is unlike "PACKMAN"!! LOL

posted on 03 May 2012, 08:33

9. PackMan (Posts: 277; Member since: 09 Mar 2012)


posted on 03 May 2012, 03:53

6. Cyan3boN (Posts: 446; Member since: 23 Feb 2012)

start selling gamepads for mobiles gameloft

posted on 03 May 2012, 07:05

8. shadowcell (Posts: 300; Member since: 28 Mar 2012)

The hardware department is a totally different ball game my friend. If you're looking for great BT controllers I recommend either the Gametel or Phone Joy.

The latter is awesome for Playstation enthusiasts. ^_^

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