MWC 2010: Live Report


Meet the Motorola CLIQ XT …. or the Motorola QUENCH. Moto again has used two different names for its new model, the first one is for the US market (where it will launch with T-Mobile USA) and the other is for Europe. Both should become available as soon as next month.

The key feature of the CLIQ XT is that it does NOT have a QWERTY keyboard. It is very similar to the CLIQ and BACKFLIP (same Android OS version, same MOTOBLUR interface) but is a slimmer candybar phone. In order to offer a better typing experience, it incorporates Swype – instead of pressing each letter, you press the first and then swipe your finger through the others. We’ve seen this solution before and whether it is better than a standard keyboard or not is depending on the person using it.

Other software updates are similarly basic. The CLIQ XT (QUENCH) supports Flash Lite, pinch zooming and an improved multimedia player. In addition to music playback one can find similar songs, lyrics, get info for the music playing or check out the hot songs in the US or the World.
In a nutshell, the CLIQ XT is a keyboard-less slimmer version of the previous MOTOBLUR models that has almost no improvements.


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