MOTOZINE Z5 now available from T-Mobile

MOTOZINE Z5 now available from T-Mobile
True to the rumors, the MOTOZINE ZN5 has landed on T-Mobile.  The candybar has some cool features like a morphing keyboard and Wi-Fi (to make up for lack of 3G) but the real selling point is the 5 megapixel camera with a Xenon flash.  Motorola and Kodak have teamed up on this one, and the ZN5 has Kodak Imaging Technology and easy upload via Kodak Easy Share over Wi-Fi.  8MP may be the new 5, but here in the States we'll happily take it, especially at that price!  It's available online and at select T-Mobile stores today.

Motorola ZINE ZN5 Specifications | Review

source: Engadget Mobile



1. cartman unregistered

No 3G, but 5MP Camera and WiFi, not bad for 100 dollars.

2. unregistered

Not bad at all. I have T-Mobile, and I (unlike most people) like it the best. I'm rather proud of them having the first 5mp camera in the US. Wi-Fi and Xenon is a nice touch, too. I could care less for 3G.

3. IamShawn unregistered

Shoots QCIF at 15fps. FAIL.

6. unregistered

How often do you use video recording? ..... None Thought so .

4. unregistered

i want it! i want it! i want it! i want it!!!!

5. Texas Democrat unregistered

I want it too! I looked at it the day it came out at the T-Mobile store, it's very pretty. My contract ends December and I can't wait. I hope it's not a lemon, I'm scared, but I had good luck with my last two Motorola Products for the most part.

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