Lumia 928 ad talks up the phone's "better than iPhone, better than Galaxy" low-light camera performance

With the Nokia Lumia 928 assuming the position of most versatile Windows Phone cameraphone, Microsoft has felt that the time is right to support the handset with a strong ad campaign (always a good idea). Here's a video that illustrates the abilities of the Lumia 928 pretty well...
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80. f1r3z0r

Posts: 92; Member since: Nov 09, 2011

i got to admit it before the world of Android began I was a fan of nokia becuase the premium material and the camera like n8 n900 etc....i like nokia and i will get the lumia 925 and the s4 activ and the s4 zoom plus note 3.....BUT I will never get a iCrap phone for sure

86. rusticguy

Posts: 2828; Member since: Aug 11, 2012

Ok so LUMIA 928 is best for shooting "adult" movies (in low light of course) ? Hmmmm no wonder next WP version is called "BLUE"

89. tyson3

Posts: 59; Member since: May 15, 2012

First of all this is far from the truth when it comes to the camera! I was with a close friend toady and they have the windows phone and I have the s4. We took pictures today inside and outside and the s4was clearly better than the windows phone. I like the phone but I just wish they were honest when it came to taking pictures.

90. roldefol

Posts: 4744; Member since: Jan 28, 2011

My understanding is that these two phones have different strengths when taking photos. The S4 will excel outdoors, in stills, and in good indoor lighting. The 928 will come out ahead in dim indoor light, darkness, and shaky-cam. So MS/Nokia ads are specifying "best low-light" performance. Which as we know is only a fraction of anyone's photo-taking. It doesn't make it any less true, but it's a weak selling point.

91. jsdechavez

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Hard partying last night was awesome. However, the photos from the iPhones, Xperia (my Xperia), and the Galaxies were terrible. We didn't have a Nokia Lumia 92X.

93. ximacloudx

Posts: 13; Member since: Feb 21, 2013

I really wish that the ad articles would at least wait a couple weeks after PhoneArena talks about it to come back up. Considering we just theoretically watched this video a week ago when they posted it, it makes no sense when it's already in our memories to show it to us

95. iguano

Posts: 101; Member since: May 10, 2012

I see a lot of dudes complaining about the camera of the 920, I test by my self the cameras of iphone 5, nexus 4 and galaxy s3, I have to tell that they really sucks in low light, not question about it, i repeat THEY SUCKS IN LOW LIGHT!!!... I don't know when you take your pictures but 70% of my pictures are in night, party, indoors and low light in general and for who are saying that wp don't have anything else.... I have to say that ignorance its speaking... its fast, nice and beautiful, it handles like any other the social networks and work utilities... app lacking hell yes!!! but they are coming!!! there its always an alternative anyways... we go HALO hahahaha!

97. glentomas123

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DPReview: "None of the devices in this shootout are good at everything. So, if you're planning to take a lot of pictures with your smartphone, you should be clear about where your priorities are. With its 13MP sensor the Samsung Galaxy S4 clearly produces most detail in good light and shows a good overall performance. In low light the S4 tends to opt for higher ISOs than the competition, but in turn that gets you faster shutter speeds and the sensor still captures more detail than the rivals. Having 13MP to start with also means that at equalized viewing sizes the Samsung's higher noise levels will be much less noticeable than at a 100% view. That is important to keep in mind considering that almost all smartphone images are reduced in size for editing and/or sharing. The Samsung's flash performance is decent too and exposure is usually spot on. The iPhone 5 is still a good option for mobile photographers, with good detail capture and pleasant image rendition in both bright and lower light. However, we were not impressed by the blown highlights in both our sunlight and flash portraits. The Apple device also tends to select very slow shutter speeds in low light which, given the lack of an optical image stabilization system, can lead to shaky images. The HTC One has put a lot of focus on camera performance and while it generally produces pleasant exposures, the lack of resolution in bright light might be too much for some users. That said, it did very well in capturing the highlights in our sunlight portrait. The fast lens combined with optical image stabilization means the HTC is a good device for capturing low light scenes -- if you can live with the 4MP output. You also need to keep in mind that the slow shutter speeds in low light won't be useful for capturing moving subjects. Flash performance is definitely one of the HTC's strengths. It did well in our comparison but we've also taken a number of flash exposure while working on our upcoming full review and found its performance impressive. The HTC is arguably the best mobile device for flash photography we've seen so far. We weren't particularly impressed by the Nokia Lumia 920's image processing in any lighting condition but, like the HTC, its fast lens and optical image stabilization mean the Lumia's strength lies in low light capture. However, some of that advantage is diminished by the Nokia's very strong noise reduction which results in very soft images. That said, like the HTC, the Nokia is a device to look at if you are taking a lot of flash images as it did very well in that comparison."

102. FlushGordon unregistered

This article is SOOO lame it's still on the front page???

103. Sniggly

Posts: 7305; Member since: Dec 05, 2009

It's a f**king ad is why. It's an ad disguised as an article. Microsoft paid them to put it up there, they even admitted it in the beginning of the post.

104. emvxl

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"This story is sponsored by Microsoft. PhoneArena's opinions in this article have not been affected in any way!" I was wondering why this story was still up there on the list - being that this was published on May 28 and other stories a day old are down on the list.

105. aryan143341

Posts: 1; Member since: Jun 06, 2013

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