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Liveblog: AT&T Developer Summit at CES 2013

Posted: , by Ray S.

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Liveblog: AT&T Developer Summit at CES 2013
AT&amp;T's Developer Summit is not just some boring event for developers, guys, it's an event where key executives from the company come out to talk about important stuff and, eventually, announce new devices! That's what happened last year, when CEO Ralph de la Vega, along with HTC CEO Peter Chou and Steve Ballmer announced the HTC Titan 2 and some other hot handsets. But that was last year. Let's hope we'll see some intriguing new devices today as well!<br><br>AT&amp;T's Developer Summit is starting in a few minutes, so stay with us and our liveblog, guys!<br><br><br>

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12:37Still, there's more to come today guys, with press-conferences from Huawei, Samsung and Sony, so stay tuned! Ray signing off now.
12:36Unfortunately, this turned out to be another device-less conference, unlike last year's Developer Summit.
12:35With this, they are once again reminding us that we should never text while we drive, which is very cool.
12:34CEO Ralph de la Vega spends the last minutes of this presentation to mention AT&T's It Can Wait initiative.
12:32The winner is the developer of the Good Times app, he won $30,000, by the way.
12:31So, it's now time to announce the winner of AT&T's small fast-pitched dev competition. The audience voted for them during the conference.
12:25Ralph is so excited about Digital Life that he's going to play us a video about it. Wow!
12:21This guy does some pretty weird moves with his hands, we tell you.
12:20However, John Chambers, CEO of Cisco is on stage to immerse us in the exciting world of networking.
12:18Ralph de la Vega, President and CEO of AT&T is back on stage. This should be it, guys!
12:17Is that a better way to get the attention of customers?
12:17Last time AT&T talked about Digital Life, it introduced it as a complete home automation solution. This time it's more focused on security.
12:11AT&T hopes to transform the home automation and security space with its Digital Life solution. It believes that this field has stagnated.
12:07Digital Life will launch in 8 markets in March.
12:07It is now time to learn about AT&T's Digital Life - home automation solutions. This is still part of AT&T's emerging markets.
12:03Mr. Donovan is still talking about the tech/dev side of AT&T's network. Let's hope we'll soon get to the good stuff - devices!
11:59"We operate the nation's largest 4G network."
11:57"We plan to continue to invest to deliver the best data network."
11:51AT&T's John Donovan, SVP of Networks is on stage to talk about the carrier's plans to invest in its network in 2013.
11:46They are basically showing off some interesting, but not that useful apps.
11:40Jeff Bradley, SVP of Devices is on stage. He is going to host a quick competition between three crafty developers.
11:32AT&T is introducing the AT&T CallManagement API.
11:30A guy from Ask Ziggy is on stage to explain just how cool AT&T's dev APIs are.
11:26AT&T has added some new capabilities to its Speech API. They are also working on a new Advertising API. 80% of the revenue is going to devs.
11:22David Christopher, AT&T CTO is now on stage to talk about AT&T's new API's and other dev stuff.
11:21Oh, we're with Ralph again and it turns out he hopes devs will be able to make this reality. So it's true, AT&T can't make a genius car!
11:20The "Connected Car" seems more like a "Genius Car" according to this video. I mean, the car is talking like a real human! :D
11:18They are rolling a video to acquaint us with the concept behind "Connected Car".
11:18AT&T's third platform is called "Connected Car." According to Ralph de la Vega, we're in for a complete reinvention of the car! Big stuff!
11:17Ralph believes that Mobile Payments are going to be a great new area to explore for developers.
11:15The first platform is called "Digital Life". We'll learn more about it during the following minutes. The second platform is Mobile Payments.
11:14AT&T's unveiling three new "platforms" for developers. These platforms are supposed to empower devs in their quest to attracting customers.
11:13"We think 2013 is going to be a great year for Windows Phone, and Windows devices."

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posted on 07 Jan 2013, 11:05

1. Wiki_jaan (Posts: 704; Member since: 24 Jun 2012)

wat abt sharp .....http://www.engadget.com/2013/01/07/live-from-sharps-ces-2013-press-conference/

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