Leaked VZW deck reveals Samsung i770, Treo 800w and more

A leaked presentation from Verizon has revealed some of the carrier's upcoming plans...
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29. unregistered

Well...hopefully I'll be able to get a hand on LG-Prada for Verizon tomorrow for a day. You heard it right...LG-Prada for Verizon.

30. unregistered

I gotta say I saw the i770 today and was actually quite impressed. That picture is very unflattering. I know people will probably roll their eyes and say yea right but I don't care. I know a guy who works for Samsung testing their devices on the VZW network. I ran into him today and he popped out the 770 and I got to take a peak. It looks much nicer than in the picture provided. One of the things that I found interesting was that the black "button" on the front is not actually a button or directional pad at all. It's a sensor that you drag you're finger across to move kind of like a trackball without the ball. Very interesting and I would love the oppurtunity to spend a little more time trying it out. Also, it is definitly going to be a Global phone as they may be sending him to Europe to test it as well. All in all the i770 is an interesting phone and quite possibly could be a suprise once people get their hands on it.

32. unregistered

please let us know if you get any further info from your guy at Samsung! id really like to hear more about this phone thanks

33. unregistered

i spoke to an employee at the verizon store yesterday who had talked to her regional manager about the i770. she said it is not going to be released for Verizon. I'm not sure if she was just saying that so i buy a different phone now or what, but thats what i heard.
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