Latest stats show iOS with 65% share of mobile browsing traffic

Last month, iOS continued to dominate the mobile browsing market with more than 65% of the mobile internet traffic, up from 62% in May; the next most heavily used platform for mobile browsing is Android with just under 20% of the total...
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38. thedarkside

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42. taco50

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You guys are just funny. You want to believe so bad that android is better. Android is the new feature phone OS. It's users don't browse the web, access wifi or even download apps. The usage pattern of android users is talk and text

55. networkdood

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Wow, that statement by you, Taco, really shows just how ignorant you are. I see Android and Iphone users alike where I work and live at using their respective phones for texting and surfing and app using. When it comes to being tech savvy, Android users in my area, that I have seen, appear to know more about their phones, but I am sure that there is a fair amount of tech savy iphone and android users, as well as their opposite counterparts.

52. networkdood

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Taco, we had this same article back in May or so, and myself and a few others proved on how we can just change our agent on our phone so that it would register as us surfing with Safari. That is proving it. Besides, why do you care so much?

60. remixfa

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yup, my screen captures are still on the WWW for everyone to see. go for it. They are right beside my 2 day battery life pix. :)

39. taco50

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Hey guys just curios how do you justify to yourselves that every study that shows iPhone is doing well is false? Don't you think if this data is wrong someone would notice?

46. iamcc

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It's not that the iPhone is doing well, nobody is saying it's "false" and nobody is saying the data is wrong. The point is that when I go to a website on my Galaxy Nexus it shows as a desktop computer running either Safari or Mozilla. NOT an Android phone. If you understand that concept, it will make perfect sense that there are people who are skeptical of a study showing something like this study shows. If the study went on to mention that they take into account the fact that some/most/ANY Android phones do not show up as a "mobile device" then maybe people wouldn't be so skeptical. How hard is that for you to understand? Are you honestly so f**king stupid that you can't grasp a simple concept? Do everyone a favor, before you post, think. Then, don't post.

54. networkdood

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if it is anti-iphone, taco cannot comprehend it.

61. taco50

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actually the article is pro iPhone because iOS is dominating in browser usage.

72. networkdood

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So, by that token, you believe every story you read? You never question the validity of a study? Did you go to college? You seem unable to think for yourself, and you are not alone as millions of Americans are just like you - uninformed and/or uneducated enough to make a valid opinion or decision....pretty sad, but that is the state of our country.

49. -RVM-

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Sorry, but NetAplications is irrelevant. Check Statcounter for such stats:

53. networkdood

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does this know what phone we use despite changing the agent?

51. gallitoking

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sorry coulfd not log into PA using Chrome went back to Safari and here I am

70. kurejikame

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In regards to whether iOS users or Android users are more tech savvy, I don't think you say as a whole which group is more tech savvy. Yes, Android can be rooted, and iOS can be jailbroken. But really how hard is it to do it? If you search, you can find step by step instructions on how to do either. Most of which require you to download a program that does all the hard stuff for you. I don't find anything too tech savvy about that. On both sides there are going to be tech savvy people and people who don't have a clue of how to do anything but the basic functions of their phone. Now as far as the article that stated 70% of Android users do not know how to access their wifi, that's a case of someone looking at data and making assumptions. While there are probably some users, there is no way that the overwhelming majority does not know how to toggle their wifi on, and it would be fair to say that there are probably a handful of iOS users as well that don't know how to either. There are a number of reasons why users wouldn't turn on their wifi. Maybe they don't browse the internet that much and only use it to look things up occasionally. Maybe they have LTE and their speeds are the same or faster than their wifi connections. Who knows? But there are too many variables to come to the conclusion that they flat out don't know how to turn wifi on. Same goes for mobile browsing. With user agents, they cannot pick out if something that is showing up as a desktop is actually a phone or not. And there are even user agents that show the device as an iPhone or iPad. With so many possibilities for error, it's too hard to say for certain which platform makes up the biggest part of mobile web traffic.

71. Berzerk000

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I wish I could give you a hundred thumbs up just for that plethora of logical words.

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