Latest speculation has iOS 5 launching October 10th, Apple iPhone 5 on October 15th?

AppleInsider says that AppleCare has been told to expect a ton of phone calls on October 10th relating to iOS and Orange CEO Stephane Richard said that he believes he heard that the Apple iPhone 5 will launch on October 15th...
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63. AppleDroid42

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Watch the keynote.. or go to and read about the new features.

84. Dj21o

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You really want all 250 features? Google it.

87. Dj21o

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EDIT, he is posting them!!!! XD

16. iKingTrust

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Come to PAPA

42. iKingTrust

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176.Nuance Speech to Text: Not available in current beta but the most anticipated feature in final release. See concept here.(Speech Recognition) 177.Sync bookmarks, highlight from iBooks across devices 178.iMessages show a blue colored bubble to easily distinguish 179.Group messaging in iMessage 180.Delivery Reports 181.Read receipts for iMessage (enable from Settings) 182.See if other person is typing in iMessage (like in IMs) 183.Add Social Media info in to contacts 184.New rounded toggle switch 185.New separate Video app & icon 186. Nitro JavaScript speed improvements for Web Apps 187.iMessage will be sent as a text message in case iMessage is not available 188.Custom vibration for each contact so each pattern can let know who’s calling 189.New ‘Message’ option for iPod Touch under settings to use iMessage using an email ID 190.Setup AirPort device 191.Maximum recent email messages limit to 1000 instead of 200 192.Create & manage photo albums within on device itself. (How did I miss this before? Thanks Joaquin for letting me know.)

43. iKingTrust

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193.(Custom) gesture-based lock-screen (Ability to define a custom gesture to unlock iPhone without need of a pass-code. This is not confirmed but rumored to be included in later releases of iOS 5. Do you see any benefit?) 194.Double tap the home button on lock screen to launch YouTube videos (Received an email about it. It was nice to have double tapping to play music. Why would they change? Someone please confirm if this is correct ) This is not correct. Instead it gives iPod controls and Take picture from camera options. Thanks JohnothanVincentCrook for confirming this. 195.SMS tones sound like they have been shortened than those were provided on iPhone 4 (Anyone felt it that way?) 196.While reading an email – swiping right would open a list of messages and swipe left would bring back to the open email message again. (Like if you’re reading an email from Inbox, it will take you to Inbox) 197.If you have multiple email accounts configured in – swipe left or right from one’s mailboxes folder list, it will take you to another account’s mailboxes. (from Google Mail to Hotmail or back) 198.iTunes App: Support for match & find songs based on previous song purchases. 199.Free upgrade to 256 kbps bit-rate for purchased songs if backing up on iCloud 200.Support for multiple audio devices (Could not understand exact meaning of this) 201.Mirror iPhone 4 on Apple TV (Someone with Apple TV please confirm) 202.Skip tracks by swiping left – right on album art itself when not on lock screen (iPad only) 203.The name of the person that respond, appears in small light blue text directly above the response when SMS is sent to a group. (Thanks Melvin Baskin for emailing this) 204.Drag Keyboard on iPad: Drag keyboard up / down the screen wherever it is needed. It works for split keyboard as well. 205.The following are iOS 5 Beta 2 Features. (Ignore bullet number on left. I had to keep it to get continued pointer numbers. lol ) 206.Hide keyboard in Messages: This is new and good. While in conversations, just tap outside keyboard and pull ‘up’ to scroll and it hides the keyboard. 207.Set custom tone for Reminders 208.Newly designed classic pop-up notifications. Glossy. Takes the full width of the screen.

44. iKingTrust

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209.‘Slide to View/Reply’: Whenever you get this new classic pop-up for new message. After a certain interval if you don’t respond, the same goes to notification center in a drawer. 210.Change in notification behavior. It appears as classic first then goes in to a notification center’s drawer. (Mostly under testing and review I guess. They should revert back to Beta 1 behavior) 211.WiFi sync displays that is being synced like apps, songs and their names. Like in iTunes. 212.Notification center displays Calendar tasks for the day continuously until they trigger. (Otherwise it used pop-up on scheduled time only.) . More options for this under Settings. 213.Videos in apps and websites are enabled for AirPlay by default. 214.Enhanced GUI for Clock app (Can we call it a feature? Not sure.) 215.OTA updates available through WiFi and 3G network 216.View file extensions (JPG / PNG) for pictures when tap ‘Edit’ in 217.‘Tell a Friend’ in AppStore collects information about that particular app like a Facebook link share pop-up with name, thumbnail and description.

45. iKingTrust

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218.Delete apps while downloading: Ability to delete apps while they’re still getting downloaded and installed. This was not possible until 4.3.3 (Thanks @HenryWatsonO2) 219.“Group by Album Artist” option for Music 220.Slight re-design for text messages. Font & time-stamp layout 221.Slight re-design for video time-line under Photos app 222.Super fast HTML5 draw support with rate of 31 fps. (Google Chrome 12 on Windows was 33 fps, iPhone 3Gs with 4.3.3 was 3 fps, Firefox 5 was 25 fps) 223.Kinetic scrolling within text fields in Safari. 224.The following are iOS 5 Beta 3 Features. (Ignore bullet number on left. I had to keep it to get continued pointer numbers. Cheers ) 225.New icon design for Reminders 226.Option to send or do not send location information to Apple 227.System-wide location services control in addition to apps which we already have. 228.Speed improvements 229.Voice roaming ON / OFF toggle just like Data Roaming toggle 230.Advanced preferences for Safari for data removal and debug information 231.Create mailboxes from within 232.Advanced Assistive Touch control panel & functions for accessibility. 233.Custom tones for almost everything under ‘Sounds’ with ‘Buy more tones’ button. (including most requested custom tone feature for text messages / SMS) 234.Music app has a ‘Store’ button that takes us to iTunes Store 235.Airplay feature now available to Facetime calls. So we can now see that video on TV

46. iKingTrust

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236.The following are iOS 5 Beta 4 Features. (Ignore bullet number on left. I had to keep it to get continued pointer numbers. Cheers ) 237.File names in iCloud Storage are case-sensitive. (Also if you’re using Beta version then it is advised not to store critical data on iCloud because it might get purged before Gold release.) 238.Documents / Data can now be selected to sync with iCloud account. 239.Option to disable iCloud Sync via cellular network to save cost especially if roaming. 240.Wireless sync on Windows, in-app and website videos works on AirPlay (This was mentioned above before but works now) 241.The following are iOS 5 Beta 5 Features. (Ignore bullet number on left. I had to keep it to get continued pointer numbers. Cheers ) 242.Hearing Aid Mode: Under Accessibility settings for better audio output for every function that takes place on the phone. 243.New Camera Button: There is a new camera button on that takes us back to Camera instead of a ‘Done’ button (on OS prior to this) to close the Camera Roll. 244.Microphone button added for Nuance Speech-to-text alongside space-bar key. Not yet active but should be in next beta. (This is in continuation with point 176 above ) 245.With iOS 5 beta 5 on the iPod Touch 4th Gen, if you enable ‘Change with buttons’ under sounds in settings, when you use a volume button it now calls it ‘Sound Effects’instead of ‘Ringer’ (Thanks icey590 for the info) 246.The following are iOS 5 Beta 6 Features. (Ignore bullet number on left. I had to keep it to get continued pointer numbers. Cheers) 247.Application Updates in Background: Ability to update installed applications when an update is available without closing iTunes AppStore. It works when you open AppStore and navigate to ‘Purchased Apps’. Superb little addition that finally takes care of oldest iOS annoyance 248.4G / LTE (Long Term Evolution) Ready: It’s too early but iOS 5 latest beta build suggests that Apple is already testing 4G network in next version of iPhone – probably iPhone 5? 249.Built-in Earthquake Notification for Japanese Users

48. iKingTrust

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250. Anti virus, wait we don't need that. Ok you win it only has 249 new features.

49. SuperAndroidEvo

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#248 is speculation sorry it's not a FEATURE. I can go all day with this bogus list but I have some actual work to do. I will keep checking your list of vulgarity throughout the day. iOS 5 that's so rich. Like iOS 4 didn't have any of this! lol Hey I like the effort iKingTrust....tard! You are most definitely worthy of the name iDiot iSheep! lol

50. SuperAndroidEvo

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Ohh & thanks for the list, if I didn't know any better I would have thought you are giving me features of an Android OS, since Android has HAD almost everything you listed. lol So it looks like iOS copied more than just the notifications from Android, as iKingtrust....tard so cleverly put it on #218. Again that is just ONE of hundreds of features iOS copied from Android. Thanks for the list! lol Yes my boy you are a true legend! lol

52. iKingTrust

Posts: 716; Member since: Jul 27, 2011

I just realized you were still commenting. I must have hit a nerve. LMAO. I thought "you had real work to do". guess not.

61. SuperAndroidEvo

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I just did finish my real work & I have a few moments to keep praising you on the 250+ list of Android...urr sorry iOS 5 features you so cleverly noted here, for all of to see. Ohh yes you definitely struck a nerve. LMAO. iSheep always hopping around never making sense. lol

64. zuno gyakusatsu

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SAE's real work: Taking out the trash, doing his homework, cleaning all the empty Rockstar cans and Hot Pocket sleeves from his dads computer desk, hard resetting his Evo for the 14th time.

73. SuperAndroidEvo

Posts: 4888; Member since: Apr 15, 2011

Real funny did your mommy help you come up with that? Or did you do it all by yourself? You kinda went in to so much detail, makes me wonder if secretly you just told us all your typical day. lol zuno gyakusatsu I am a father, I have my own computers, I buy my kids Hot Pockets, my kids take out the trash, I don't drink Rockstar because I actually work out & keep fit. I have a lot of energy, so nice try! lol Ohh my HTC Evo 3D is rooted & I have the alpha version of CM7 on it & it's 100 times faster than your little toy phone you have. Also I don't need to hard reset anything. Again it looks like you are talking from personal experience huh? Having a hard time with your little toy phone? lol

82. iKingTrust

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dont forget using the evo while plugged in on a charger

100. taco50

Posts: 5506; Member since: Oct 08, 2009

Ha superevo got owned bad here lol

107. SuperAndroidEvo

Posts: 4888; Member since: Apr 15, 2011

taco50 I could never get owned by these children. Anyone who says "Ha superevo got owned bad here lol" is a child. I said that in high school in the early '90's. Way to be original guys. Copying sayings from the '90's. These young kids lack total originality! lol Ohh & iKingTrust, when your iPhone 4's battery fails all you need to do is change the batt... opps I am sorry you can't change your battery, you need to replace the whole phone. lol Good luck with that! My HTC Evo 3D with CM7 is getting GREAT battery life, so sorry you FAIL again! lol

88. Dj21o

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Come on man, you know he didn't pass high school. ;)

109. SuperAndroidEvo

Posts: 4888; Member since: Apr 15, 2011

I passed high school over 20 years ago, just like you will in a couple of years. lol I also passed college a year early, let's see if you graduate college at all! lol Kids say the darndest things. (That is definitely before your time.) lol It must be the iSheep brainwashing. :-)

51. SpanishDeveloper

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Of course some features of iOS5 are very similar to Android and vice versa. Each company copies the other. For example, the contact list in Android is an "inspiration" of IOS' contact list. And there are more examples about it. So it's not true that IOS5 isn't different from IOS4. Regards.

53. dcgore unregistered

It would be awesome if the Iphone 5, the Vigor and the Droid Prime were released on the same exact day. I think people would not know which one to go with.

55. iKingTrust

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LMAO. this is so true. The phone that people wait in line for every year

56. gallitoking

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is in it ICS a combination of Gingerbread and Honeycomb?.... just sayin...

58. Iphonepimpin unregistered

Holly crap!!! Droid boys n girls. Widgets live wallpapers stupid icon customization! All crap on a phone anyone who spends that much time doing all that on there phone clearly is using it for what it's made to do. CALL TEXT EMAIL BE SOCIAL!!! apple just makes things better and better means reliable long lasting innovated. My iPhone 3GS still kicks droids ass! So before you hate..... Appreciate! Steve jobs has done what most CEO's dont even dream of doing (greedy bastards) if he had no passion the vision we all would be using cheaply made plastic phones that say does this n that but don't! So give the man and apple RESPECT!

59. iKingTrust

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WOW. I wish you could hear me clapping. *Clapping* *Clapping* *Clapping* *Clapping*

75. ilia1986 unregistered

How right you are, mr idiot aka iphonepimpin. SMARTPHONES are clearly just for "CALL TEXT EMAIL BE SOCIAL". That has to be the very definition of "Smart". Keep smoking that stuff. LOL @ iSheep admitting that only thing iPhone is good at is "CALL TEXT EMAIL". Minus the "Call" part if you don't have a case for your iPhone 4.

78. gallitoking

Posts: 4721; Member since: May 17, 2011

73% percent of americans use the cell phone for get this.... "call.. text... email... and be social.... according to a studey conducted at the University of North Carolina conducted among man and women from 20-35 years old.... so I say Iphonepimpin (unregistered) is a genius...

89. Dj21o

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If the Android phones are so smart, why do they die EASILY within a day? Why do you have to turn off data ALL OF THE TIME? Why do you need to KILL TASKS every time you turn off the phone? Androids are nowhere near friendly to their hardware. And if you need to spend all day TRYING to make it last all day, it will die even quicker. While my happy ass has the phone in my pocket accepting notifications all day long, and it being 10x's easier to access everything I want. Goodbye Android!!!
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