Latest family portrait once again shows a trio of 2016 Apple iPhone models

Last week, we showed you pictures of both the front and back of what allegedly is the 2016 Apple iPhone lineup. This consists of the Apple iPhone 7, Apple iPhone 7 Plus and the Apple iPhone 7 Pro. An iPhone 7 Pro would seem to make perfect sense. It earns that name by offering the smart connector port just like the one found on the Apple iPad Pro, and would come with a dual camera setup on back...
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34. kiko007

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37. tedkord

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Except, as per MY usage, that doesn't happen. Zero slow down on either the Note 4 or Note 5. Open source means quicker advancement. Always has.

45. TechieXP1969

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What Android phones are you talking about. Be specific. Just saying Android phones slow down is BS. I have heard some people claim Samsung phones slow down. With the exception of my old S3 and S4 I still have, I normally don't hold on to them all that long. Usually just a year. When I sell my devices, they are always in mint, I always get more than I originally paid and they are equally as fast as the day I got them. My iPhone 4/4S are both slow. The iPhone 4 has been through some rough times including getting wet. But I dried it in rice and it still works. But it is dlow. My 4S was fine until iOS9.3. Now it's slow. Both are only being used as an iPod because they don't hold a charge longer than a couple hours. But your claim that Android phones get slower sooner than iPhones, is a brand general statement. There are 100s of Android phones. The worse Android I ever own was a Samsung Droid Charge. It sucked because it had a terrible CPU trying to push a heavy firmware. I would say any Android since 2012 likely dowsnt have such an issue. If you were talking phones with 1Ghz or lesser CPUS with single cores, I'd agree. But these multiform phones? Only in your dreams.

29. TechieXP1969

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Curious, don't you think its obsurd for Apple to use the same phone design 3 years in a row? Oh and before you waste time with a car manufacturers analogy...DON'T. It doesn't work here. With a car, you simply just can't change the shell before understanding how it would change results as far as performance for the rest of the car. A car's shell requires millions of dollars in cost and retooling a machine to cut the parts. A phone case is far less elaborate and costly. something a company with as much money as Apple can afford. After all, if OEM's with less money can make a new design every year...WHY CAN'T APPLE! Yes the outside of the phone is important. Being a new phone is name only isn't enough. I want a new design to go with the new name.

33. kiko007

Posts: 7493; Member since: Feb 17, 2016

Do I find it absurd that Apple has used the same design language 3 years in a row? Yes of course I find it to be ludicrous! The sheer audacity is on a "mindf**k" scale. Really couldn't think of anything for the past year and a half? And it's not like this particular look is all that popular either (too damn round). So yes, I find it extremely unbecoming on Apple's part :D. (End of rant transition) However, it's not like anyone not name Sammie is changing their design language all that much either. Hell, Meizu has made a living simply coping Apple's design language every year (they must save a hefty amount on R&D). If the outside of a phone was that important to me, I wouldn't be lugging around a bumper case would I? The old adage "It's what's inside that counts" applies here IMO.

46. TechieXP1969

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But we aren't talking about Samsung. Sure they use the S6 design for the S7. But you can tell them apart. The 6S and 7 only difference is antenna band location. If you painted the 6, 6S and 7 totally black with no identifying marrks, could you tell the difference? No. But if you did the same to the S6 and S7 if you picked them up with no cases you can tell them apart BLINDFOLDED. The design of the S6 and S7 are fares idea tidal compared to the iPhone. I never understood this need to bring up another OEM when one OEM is in the fire. You all brag aboit how much money Apple has but you usually don't criticize them for not using it to YOUR benefit. That is why I stopped buying them. This is why Apple can negotiate such low cost for parts, because they use them so long. Using the same display for 3 years. You really can't compare Apple to Samsung. Samsung makes their own stuff. How long did Samsung use 1080p displays? On the top models only for 2 years. Sure the 1440p is now being used for 3 years. But each time it's been improved. The iPhone 6 and 6s use the exact same displays. The 7 likely will too. Price isn't an issue. It's what you get. I would pay $2000 for an iPhone, as long as it had $2000 worth of features and hardware to boot. To me the iPhone was never an innovative products. They simply jumped out with nicer things first, when everyone had crappy phones. 2.5 years after the first and the iPhone was already showing its age. By 2011 the iPhone was through. I don't care how many years phones an OEM sells, I know you care about what I think is worth its selling price. doing the same as it did with the Mac. Lame upgrades every year and Co time OUS price I crease for nothing. The iPad Pro I have is no better than the iPad Air. If Verizon didn't give it to me for the same price as the Air 2, I wouldn't have even gotten it.

47. kiko007

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You clearly didn't read one sentence of what I wrote. Otherwise you wouldn't have started your argument with "Muh Samsung" when I said nothing reflecting Samsung in a negative light. READ THE f**kING COMMENT!!!!!

17. jesus_sheep

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By the way Phone Arena still lists the iPhone 6s as the number 1 hot phone on its site? How is this even true?

25. TechieXP1969

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21. mi7chy

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Hideous design that is way overdue for a major overhaul plus center the camera so it doesn't wobble on a flat surface.

24. CreeDiddy

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Welcome to 4.7" 32GB/128GB/256GB = $649/$749/$849 5.5" 32GB/128GB/256GB= $749/$849/$949 5.5" Pro 32GB/128GB/256GB = $849, $949, $1049

43. deviceguy2016

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Gee looks at the overrated cost for a junk!!!

28. MartyK

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Everyone needs to get what makes them happy. I for one, don't care about iPhone, it don't fit my needs nor what i like to do with it. However, neither do a lot of androids manufacturers phones.. I was a Samsung and Nexus user. Got bored with their design. Think i will try out The Moto Z and it's mods to see how they work and play together.

36. cnour

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My money is ready for the three models.

38. sebbellic01

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Fake, you can tell by the smart connector and the flash

39. jeroome86

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Looks like for the foreseeable future these smart phones will be a rectangle slab design. Guess if you don't like it, buy a flip phone. Not sure how many options they are?

40. deviceguy2016

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The next biggest thing is here!!!!!! The iPhone fugly!!!
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