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LG will sell handsets with Dolby technology

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LG will sell handsets with Dolby technology
Today, LG signed an agreement with Dolby Laboratories that allows the incorporation of Dolby Mobile audio processing technology platform in its future mobile phones. Some of the sound enhancement features that LG is planning to bring are: Mobile Surround, Sound Space Expander, Natural Bass, High Frequency Enhancer, Graphic EQ, Sound Level Control and Mono-to-Stereo Converter. This should improve the sound quality from mobile phones during video playback or listening to music. The first LG multimedia phones with Dolby Mobile should start appearing on the market from the last quarter of the year.

source: LG

LG will sell handsets with Dolby technology

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:42

1. (unregistered)

Wow, maybe LG will now succeed in making a decent music phone? Maybe even surpass Samsung and Apple...? Judging up till now, no. But it's best to W8 & C...

posted on 30 Jul 2008, 13:59

6. (unregistered)

r u crazy LG blow samsung out the water go to cnet compare LG Music Phone To Samsung Music Phone

posted on 30 Jul 2008, 09:00

2. (unregistered)

oh boy, fanboys are already out. A) from your coments im guessing you are talkin about software, is in the way it works on screen, not hardware which is the way it sounds. samsung and apple suck for sound! i havent heard much better than my voyager as far as actual sound quality goes. its hard to beat stereo speakers. this just adds to that with real digital processing.

posted on 30 Jul 2008, 09:06

3. (unregistered)

Nokia are still masters, alongside Sony Ericsson. And I'm not a fanboy, I just know what's better. And you seem to be some guys suffering from a Dare, right?

posted on 02 Aug 2008, 13:16

12. (unregistered)

wrong. The voyager sucks for sound quality. When the volume us on it's highest, some songs sound grainy and rough. And the volunt sucked too. When I am in a crowd of people, I can't even hear my music!! I don't have an iPod but there is no way that the voyager can compare to apple.. And guys, don't forget that most lg phones are modified before they enter the u.s. Market. I doubt that we will be seeing many if those adjustments to lg phones in America too soon, but I hope I'm proven wrong.

posted on 03 Aug 2008, 15:56

14. (unregistered)

There is no such thing as grainy SQ.

posted on 30 Jul 2008, 10:17

4. RemmyZero (unregistered)

dude, use musicmonkey to update your art. i had the same issue. took me a couple of tries. i think i even ended up using windows media player in some cases to update it to the mp3 files then i made a new playlist in the dare and it worked fine.

posted on 30 Jul 2008, 10:43

5. (unregistered)

With the album art are you having the issue when you sync the music or just copy it over? What file type are you using for the Album cover??

posted on 01 Aug 2008, 15:13

11. Grim (unregistered)

Album art is integrated into the music file as an ID3 tag. I use a program called tag runner which search download and integrates it.

posted on 30 Jul 2008, 15:15

7. (unregistered)

good to see this...if anyone can make decent cell speakers that can even hint at bass, itd be dolby and judging by how lgs speakers have been, cant wait to see how dolby fixes these or improves these issues

posted on 31 Jul 2008, 13:48

8. (unregistered)

there are two very old guys in the picture, they are hot and sexy

posted on 31 Jul 2008, 16:06

9. The Administrator (unregistered)

LG is not the first mobile manufacturer to have dolby digitial in their phones... the first is Sharp - Japan. Japanese phones like the Sharp SH906i already have dolby 5.1

posted on 31 Jul 2008, 17:22

10. VZW Employee (unregistered)

That is why I have always loved LG phones!

posted on 03 Aug 2008, 12:13

13. (unregistered)

Where's the Bose phone? They should make one with awesome sound quality for music and calls with a Bose Bluetooth

posted on 03 Aug 2008, 15:57

15. (unregistered)

You mean like the shitty Ti-Port In-Earphones? Right.

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