LG unveils netbook with integrated 3G modem

LG unveils netbook with integrated 3G modem
LG unveiled the LG-X120 netbook during MWC which follows their previous LG-X110 model. Not traditionally known as a computer manufacturer, it looks as though LG recognizes the need for true mobility integrated with a computer. Netbook sales have boomed last year and will continue to see strong growth with more competition in the market during the year. The LG-X120 sports an integrated HSPA modem, 160GB hard drive, and LG’s Smart-On technology that allows users to access some programs after turning on the netbook without having to wait for Windows XP or alternate operating system to load up. It also offers a 3 or 6 cell battery that should give users roughly 3.5 to 7 hours of run time. No word yet if any carrier will be offering the product or what the subsidized pricing may come out to.

source: Liliputing via Engadgetmobile

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