LG prepares QWERTY slider for Sprint

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LG prepares QWERTY slider for Sprint
New photo of a future Sprint phone model surfaced, and it seems that the carrier will get a slider with QWERTY for the heavy-texting people. A rumor says it is modeled LX260 and will be available in Fall 2007, in two color versions.

The rumored specs include 1.3MP camera, microSD slot, MP3 player, Stereo Bluetooth, built-in Instant Messenger and Email. Unlike the Mogul, by HTC, the LG phone won’t be a smartphone and it is not sure if it will support EV-DO.

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1. Vivian unregistered

Finally a QWERTY keyboard for Sprint users! I'm a heavy texter, and I cannot wait to have this phone.

2. Matt unregistered

its about time the sprint made a sweet phone with a keyboard. i cant wait for this phone to come out im getting it that day.

3. Amber unregistered

I have been waiting for them to get another slider phone. And this one is much more than I expected to come out. I cant wait. The keyboard is GREAT.

4. Keith unregistered

I am so excited to see this phone because i was honestly getting ready to swich to verizon cause i want a keyboard, But know nextl need the get a QWERTY

5. unregistered

november fourth

6. Justin unregistered

to verizon because sprint didn't have a phone with a keyboard.

7. Jessica unregistered

when or will ths phone ever come out. i want it so badd and my mom is going to get me a new phone soon and i want this one.!

8. unregistered

bahh sprint has a habit of getting/adopting sub-par phones. sprint really need to get on the ball. this phone is old news with a new look and with sprint instead ov verison or cingular. when you go to the print store its like what crapy phone do you want this POS or that POS. compared to helio ocean/sidekick/nokia phones on all the other networks this one will be yet another let down. cant wait till my sprint contract ends.

9. vikram unregistered

i just got the upstage by im definitly returing it and getting this lg phone in black and blue

10. dug unregistered

how much are these phones?

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