LG military green enV for Verizon

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LG military green enV for Verizon
LG enV is the successor of the V, and one of the best-selling models from Verizon Wireless. Both phones have rather rare form-factor, featuring numeric keyboard and small display on the front, and side-opening clamshell to reveal full QWERTY and bigger display on the inside. It seems that this is a successful form-factor, as the VX10000 will also use it in the future. But before it comes and replace the enV, rumors said that a new additional color will appear – green. One of our readers posted link to the image, revealing it is a military green variant.

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1. LordObento unregistered

G.I. Joe. Get the G.I. Joe Verizon Wireless EnV (Not endorsed by Hasbro). You make call while wear your camouflage clothes an no one will see you. (does not work in Metro or some suburban areas).

2. juan unregistered

lol, funny man!!!!

3. Lins unregistered

Got My Green Lg Env The Sept.2nd And I Have To Say Its The Best!!! UIts Such A Cute COlor..And Its A NIce Change From My Old Pink Razor Or The Standard Silver/gray Or Black Phones...Its Really Cute ANd I Love It!

4. David unregistered

There is a shot of it open here:http://knightknetwork.com/2007/08/28/prerelease-pics-of-lg-vx9900-green-env/ It's not any different than other enV's, but if you haven't seen it before, there you go.

5. zak unregistered

My plan is up, can i go to circut city and renew my plan there?

6. george unregistered

this is the new LG env in green i have it in silver from verizon wirekess it has a full qwerty keyboard when you flip it from the right to the left a full flip fone nomerical keyboard and a 2.0 magapixel cameraverizon has it in green,silver,and orange they just dont stop making the bast fones if your getting a new fone the new greehn LG env is the surest way to go and im honst i have this and the motokrazr thos sure tops the cake with the best batterey and profesinal camera theres nothing wrong with this fone all the other fones have problemes such as the new i phone 1 bill was over 300 pages long the LG env only cost me less than 50 buks thats a great deal well thanks for reading -GA

7. nafyankeeboy13 unregistered

i have an orange enV. and its the best phone i have ever had but the green is the ugliest color i have ever seen on a phone. they should have made it blue

8. v sr unregistered

I bought the lg green env about a week ago after renewing my new every two contrat. I was trying to decide between the moto Q9m and this phone at circuit city. The green env in person looks a whole lot better that the pictures on the website does. With the moble web 2.0 and going through url google.com, I am saving the $45 a month that I would have been spending on the data plan, plus it has vz navigator, unlike any of the verizon pdas. If you need mobile microsoft office programs, then I recommend the Q9m. Otherwise, the env is all you need for a great organizer. My green Env looks great and works verrrry well.

9. bob unregistered

i think that they should have come out with a prettier color not poop green but thats just what i say

10. aj unregistered

my bboyfriend got us both the lg green anv and we love it its the coolest phone out there everyone should get one

11. Mike G. unregistered

I currently got the silver one, but prefer the orange color. This green color looks kinda dull....hope they come out with an all black or white one.

12. Hayley unregistered

I want this phone SO bad, i happened to walk by it in a circuit city recently, and fell in love with it. its just my color, i want it more than anything, the color is awesome, and the phone is amazing, so together, its like talking, texting and pixing on heaven.

13. Nice unregistered

Yeah I have the Q and believe me it is a rip off, I had to exchange it 3 times already. Plus the data plan is $50. The phone turns off and on whenever it wants and locks up frequently. I am definitely getting the Green enV. Anybody know if you can open documents in it?

14. Nicole unregistered

This phone is sooooooooo cool. specially the color. i would do anything to get my hands on it.

15. Bubbles unregistered

Well i think the phone its self i great But i do belive that the color is a little of i would perfer Hot Pink,Blue,A green like the Chocolate phone ......but other than that there great i have the orange

16. Aidyl unregistered

This phone is like the best phone!!!!! I got it today and it's like the best EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEVER WANT TO LOOSE THIS PHONE!!! My friends are already envying this phone and they LUV the color! I use to have the razor and that sucked!!it was horrible. Now i can text, pix, and talk when ever i want!( by that way that green color doesn't look like poop bob........if that is your real name!!!!) Everyone should have this phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

17. Caitlyn unregistered

I like the green envy actually. its better than all that neon crap. so yeah. I loove it.

18. Mary unregistered

The green isn't as bad as you all think! It looks pretty bad online, but in person it has a golden undertone that makes it looks pretty. Little golden sparkles. I love it! It is a color you get used to. I got mine really cheap too at Circuit City. Only $79.99! Compared to the other two (which were $150) that is a good deal! It is a pretty leaf-olive green. The keyboard is just the right size for my small hands. All my friends love this color! Since it is so new, no one has it either so it is unique! One of my friends has the silver one and another has the orange so we form the enV trio!!!

19. unregistered

yay! mi madire got me onee! im so excited!!!!

20. kally unregistered

i think this phone is the best ever and its soo pretty!The green is like the BEST EVER!!

21. nickyy64 unregistered

wow i want this phone so bad!

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