LG lifts the veil over its True HD IPS display, says it's better than AMOLED

The display has 720x1280 pixels crammed in the 4.5" diagonal size, which gives it 329ppi pixel density, making it the first retail handset to beat Apple iPhone 4's and iPhone 4S's Retina Display in that respect. Moreover, this stunning display resolution is achieved with a regular RGB matrix, not the PenTile arrangement ...
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23. bolaG

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wow. show one pic of a girl on a tech site and everyone starts acting like horny dogs hahaha.

27. lubba

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Good to put our difference aside and talk about something else besides our love for phones. By the way, look at pic two lovelies side by side. Which stimulates you more? Ahuh, you know I'm right. Lolzzz!

24. Gilgehmesh unregistered

Here the link to the picture everyone really wants to see... the full body shot of the three people... not that you guys want to see the full body shot of the old men as well:

25. Gilgehmesh unregistered

Oops, the link didn't show up.. must be the spam blocker..

33. koreampuff unregistered

lol that's min hyo rin, a korean actress. she's not thirty actually; she's twenty six I think? I watched some of the stuff she was in :) http://www.hancinema.net/korean_Min_Hyo-rin.php
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